7 Best Casinos In Wisconsin To Visit If You’re Feeling Lucky


Wisconsin is perhaps best known as “America’s Dairyland”, with the state being the nation’s leading dairy producer, along with being the home of several UNESCO-recognised heritage sites, however, what many people may not be as aware of is that there are nearly 30 entirely unique casinos that can also be found across this beautiful and adventurous state. 

7 Best Casinos In Wisconsin To Visit If You’re Feeling Lucky

This does mean that it can often be a little difficult to narrow down exactly what casinos are worth your time and money, considering that some are much more worthwhile than others and are considered a must-visit by many locals.

Here’s a full breakdown of the very best casinos in Wisconsin that you should consider stepping into if you’re ever visiting and feeling like luck is on your side.

1) Legendary Waters Resort And Casino

Alongside the immaculate hotel that features 47 rooms and suites that offer visitors a view of the glistening Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, this resort also features a 24/7 gaming floor with hundreds of games to choose from depending on how you want to gamble, whether it’s on one of the 300 high-value slots with progressive jackpots, or a round of blackjack or craps with a few friends or even strangers, there’s no shortage of games to get involved with.

Just a few steps away from the casino floor are the Legends Sports Grill and Legendary Snack Bar, each offering an extensive menu of delicious food to choose from depending on your preferences.

Whether you’re in the mood for a big juicy steak, a few salted peanuts, or small seafood dishes to help keep you focused on the games without getting hungry, you are guaranteed to find something you like from the tremendous variety on offer. 

If you are staying in the hotel, which we would definitely recommend, it’s always worth paying a visit to the jaw-dropping Lake Superior which isn’t too far from the casino and is considered a natural marvel, being the largest freshwater lake in the world.

2) Radisson Conference Center Green Bay

If you’re looking for a casino that comes with all the luxury and services that you would expect from a Vegas casino, at Radisson Conference Center Green Bay, you can choose from a wide selection of standard, VIP, and premium rooms that are all just a few minutes away from the Ashwaubenon bowling alley, the Wisconsin Technical College, and of course, the Oneida Casino that offers a good amount of slots, table games and even off-track betting. 

This big, expansive, and very welcoming casino with its groovy 80’s aesthetic, features over 2,000 machines, giving you an excellent amount of choice so that you can have a great and memorable experience no matter if you’re an experienced player looking to win some big rewards, or someone who just wants to take it easy on some penny slots. 

The Oneida Casino is adjacent to the luxurious premier Radisson hotel, so if you do decide to try your hand at this exciting casino, it’s well worth staying in one of the comfortable premium rooms right next door. 

3) Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison

It’s hard to miss the Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison casino when driving down Evans Acres Road and seeing the incredibly bright and vibrant design, and while it might look flashy from the outside, on the inside it is just as exciting with a large variety of games machines scattered across the beautiful 100% smoke-free gaming floor that can be enjoyed 24 hours a day. 

Ho-Chunk Gaming is also known for having some incredibly generous slots with an average payout of 95%.

That’s not just an average on one particular machine, but across the entire gaming floor, making this casino a must-visit if you’re aiming to win big and don’t want the machines to be too stubborn as you play (see also “What Do You Need When You Win Big At The Casino?“). 

The casino also boasts a full bar with an extravagant selection of colorful cocktails and martinis, and while there is an on-site hotel, there are also many other hotels surrounding the casino you can choose from, meaning you can spend only as much as you want without going overboard on rooms or services. 

4) St. Croix Casino Turtle Lake

The St. Croix Casino has a saying that “every guest is treated like family, and every visit is unforgettable,” and they’re certainly not lying, with an incredibly friendly and welcoming group of staff ready to help you with any queries, along with full dining, an accompanying hotel, and even a concert venue, everything you could need to make the experience as enjoyable as possible is at your fingertips as soon as you take a step inside. 

Of course, the casino floor itself is also a marvel to look at with over 2,000 machines from penny slots, all the way to machines with progressive jackpots, and even table games such as blackjack and a few roulettes, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a casino in Wisconsin which replicates that Vegas atmosphere quite like St. Croix Casino. 

While this casino may be flashy, it is still a common hangout spot for the locals of Turtle Lake, giving it a very sociable and friendly atmosphere alongside being very flashy and luxurious.

5) Mole Lake Casino

Located just seven miles south of the beautiful city of Crandon, this lodge-style casino offers a plethora of games for you and your friends to enjoy including slots, table games, and bingo, along with some incredible offers you can receive from signing up to the promotional club. 

One major draw to this casino is just how clean it is, being entirely smoke-free and going through thorough inspections every week to ensure every inch of the game floor, along with the seats and the machines themselves, are all in top condition, which unfortunately can’t be said for many other casinos that have been around for so many years. 

The adjacent hotel also offers 75 spacious rooms and suites, all with a serene Northwoods atmosphere, lending the casino a very natural-getaway kind of atmosphere that makes for a great weekend or day trip. 

6) Potawatomi Hotel And Casino

Arguably the most popular casino in all of Wisconsin, the Potawatomi Casino, with its bright flashing slots, dimly lit bars, and crowds of people enjoying the roulettes and other table games really replicates that Vegas feel that so many of us look for in a casino. 

The casino is open 24 hours each and every day, giving you the option to visit in the morning when it’s a little quieter, or stay throughout the late hours of the night where you can hear crowds of people laughing and cheering as they win big on one of the 3,000 slot machines or try their luck in the huge 20-table poker room. 

This modern casino also aims to deliver the latest and most up-to-date machines possible, alongside keeping around a few familiar 3-reel slots full of 7’s, BARs, and cherries if you’re looking for a machine that’s a little more vintage. 

With an extravagant amount of machines and a loud and lively atmosphere, there’s never a dull moment when stepping into the Potawatomi Hotel and casino. 

7) North Star Mohican Casino

If you like the idea of having some A-list entertainment to accompany you while you try your hand at one of the 1,200 game machines, then the North Star Mohican Casino is the place to be, located in the peaceful Northwoods between Wausau and Green Bay, they have featured performances from the likes of Marie Osmond, Dylan Scott, and Skid Row with there always being some sort of concert or event taking place for visitors to enjoy while sipping a cocktail and taking a few spins on the many uniquely themed slots spaced out around the game floor. 

Along with several luxurious hotels that you can find surrounding the casino, it is also just a few steps away from the relaxing spa and the golf course, where you can practice your swing when taking a break from the game floor and want something a little more relaxing to enjoy with your friends. 

The casino is only open for 24 hours on Saturdays and Sundays, however for every other day, it only closes between 2 am and 8 am, meaning if you want to get up early to test out a few games or stay late into the night to win some big credits, you can still do so. 

The North Star Casino also holds many different offers and promotions for different holidays, especially during the Christmas period where players are given free spins and tournaments to get involved with, providing even more reasons to come back after your first visit. 


The large and beautiful state of Wisconsin is home to some of the most unique and high-earning casinos in the entire country, so next time you visit consider trying your luck at one of these vibrant and exciting casinos that are all packed with machines and games to get involved in.

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