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    Slot machines are some of the most popular casino games, and they have been for decades. So why do the jackpots still evade so many of us, and what makes us keep coming back for more?

    Hi, my name is Richie Thames, and I have been a software developer for 12 years. I have worked on some of the most popular online slot machine games, including ones you still see in online casinos today.

    Before you ask, no, I cannot tell you the secret to winning big, simply because there is no secret! While also developing my own games, I have been a player in the competition for just as long.

    While there is no simple trick to winning the jackpot, there is power in learning about your game before playing.

    With several decades of experience under my belt, I created this website in the hopes of helping newbies on their journey.

    Please, enjoy my website, and I hope you learn something valuable about the art of gambling.

    Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next jackpot winner?

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