Are There Keno Strategies?


Keno is one of those casino games that people love playing because it’s fun and simple. However, there are different types of keno games that offer different payouts depending on how well you do. 

The truth is, Keno is like any other casino game. If you want to win, you need to put in the work.

But unlike roulette or blackjack, Keno doesn’t require you to know anything about statistics, probabilities, or even basic math.

Are There Keno Strategies?

Instead, it requires you to focus on the basics of playing the game: how fast you bet, how much money you bet, and how often you bet.

In fact, there aren’t many strategies. The only thing you really need to know about Keno is that every single game is played exactly the same way.

Every single game has the exact same rules, and each game follows the same basic pattern. So if you understand how the game works, you can use that knowledge to maximize your odds of winning.

How To Play The Game 

The basic rules for playing keno are quite simple.

You select some numbers from 1 through 80 (or any other number) and then wait until the ball drops. If one of your chosen numbers comes up, you win!

You can pay $1, $2,$3, $4,$5, $10,or $20 for each draw and your payout will be determined based on how many wins you have and also what your bet size was as well as how many of your numbers come up. 

If you want to increase your chances of winning, you can choose more than one number or bet more money per draw. This means that you could potentially win more money by betting higher amounts.

Tips And Tricks 

Winning at Keno requires both luck and a little bit of knowledge. While there may be no pattern to Keno games, there are certainly ways to increase your chances of winning.

For example, you should play only one game per day, avoid playing during peak hours (when people are likely to be playing), and make sure you’re familiar with the rules before you start playing.

There is an overall pace and strategy for playing online Keno games that will help you maximize your winnings and minimize your losses.

For ease of reference, we may refer to these tips as a “strategy,” but they’re actually based on player experience rather than hard facts. So always remember that when making decisions regarding your online Keno gameplay.

Learn The Odds 

If you’re playing Keno, you might want to focus on winning four-, five-, and six-digit numbers because the payout will be better than winning more money than three-digit numbers.

There are some advantages to focusing on the smaller number (the one that offers the highest probability of winning). First, there are fewer variables to consider.

Second, you’re less likely to get distracted by irrelevant factors. Third, you have a greater likelihood of achieving a win.

Some players will still go for 10 or 20 number wins, but aiming for the mid-range numbers will help you achieve a more consistent rate of play which we think will be better because it makes it more likely that you’ll win.

Most keno games are usually the most popular among skilled gamblers who know that chasing seven figure payoffs is in the realm of pure, blind luck.

Don’t Rush 

Keno is a relatively fast paced game. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t slow down when betting. In fact, taking your time while playing keno can help you win more money (see also “Can You Win on Keno Machines?“).

The reason why is simple: the longer you wait to place your bet, the more time you have to think about what you’re doing.

If you’re thinking too much, you won’t be able to focus on how many numbers are left on the board. And if you do find yourself getting distracted, you might end up losing out on some big wins.

So, when playing keno make sure to take your time and don’t rush your decisions. Take regular breaks, play at the pace you feel most comfortable with, and don’t let yourself get carried away by the excitement.

Hot And Cold Numbers 

The debate over whether or not hot and cold numbers work in Keno is one that goes back decades. Some people swear by them while others think they’re complete bunk. But what does the data say?

Well, as it turns out the answer is pretty simple: yes, they do work, but not very often.

In fact, according to the latest research, the odds of winning a jackpot with a hot number are roughly the same as those of picking a random number.

Limit Your Losses 

If you find yourself playing keno for hours on end, chances are you’ve already crossed into the realm of being addicted to the game.

And, once you start getting too close to your loss limit, you might find yourself having trouble stopping. This is why it’s important to have a set limit on your losses.

Otherwise, you could easily spend hundreds of dollars on keno tickets, and wind up empty handed.

Choose A Trusted Casino

There are plenty of ways to find trustworthy keno sites, including looking into reviews of the best ones. Reviews are usually written by players themselves, so they tend to be honest about what they think of the site.

They might mention issues such as slow withdrawals, poor customer support, and lack of promotions.

You can also look for a reputable brand name. Many online casinos use the same software providers, so you know you’re getting the same quality regardless of where you go.

Look for brands that have been around for a while, too; they’ll have had plenty of time to iron out any problems.

Finally, check out the terms and conditions. Make sure that you understand exactly what happens to your money if something goes wrong.

Some companies will refund your losses, others won’t. Some will pay you interest, some won’t. You need to know that ahead of time.


Keno strategies are all about finding the right balance between speed and strategy. You’ll also need to decide if you want to use hot or cold numbers.

The truth is there really aren’t any secrets to beating this game. It’s just a matter of knowing the rules and using them to your advantage.

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