7 Best Casinos In Alabama To Visit If You’re Feeling Lucky


The state of Alabama may be well known for its important role in American history and culture, along with its beautiful gulf coast beaches and college football, but it is also home to some of the most luxurious and welcoming casinos in the entire nation that are a must-try if you ever find yourself visiting this beautiful southern state. 

7 Best Casinos In Alabama To Visit If You’re Feeling Lucky

From large and flashy hotels to more low-key private areas that are out of the way of city life, there are a fantastic number of casinos in Alabama that all come with their own unique charm and benefits, so to help you decide which one is right for you, here are 7 of the very best Alabama casinos that you need to visit next time you’re feeling lucky. 

1. Wind Creek Atmore Casino

The Wind Creek Atmore Casino, located in Southern Alabama, is a huge 225,000 square foot facility with a gaming floor that spans a staggering 57,000 square feet, making it one of the biggest casinos in the state. 

With over 1,600 electronic gaming machines for you to try out from slots and video machines, all the way to bingo, if you’re someone who likes to have a bit of variety when deciding to make some bets, you really can’t go far wrong with this casino. 

Additionally, many of these machines have tremendous big-time jackpots which can make them even more enticing to play and has given this casino the nickname “players paradise” because of how people are constantly making big earnings each and every minute. 

This isn’t even mentioning that the casino also features a triple A Four Diamond rated luxury hotel equipped with a lavish spa, a refreshing pool, and even an outdoor amphitheater with weekly shows that makes this casino feel like it’s straight out of Vegas. 

2. Victoryland

If you’re looking for a casino that feels a little more homely where you can still make some big earnings, Victoryland is a bright and flashy casino located in Shorter where the delightfully friendly staff aim to give provide every visitor with the most fun and enjoyable experience possible.

While the flashy vegas-style entrance, glistening water fountains and neon lights make this a very exciting casino to be in, it also serves as an amazing and cozy hotel that provides its visitors with top breakfast and brunch cuisines along with a spa and incredibly vibrant and colorful lounge area.

Despite all this, Victoryland still manages to maintain a very friendly and homely atmosphere, with it being hidden away in a turn-in off Main Street where you can find a Subway and McDonald’s so the casino can fit in without being overly flashy.

3. Center Stage Bingo & Casino

Center Stage Bingo & Casino

Located in the small town of Cottonwood in Houston Alabama, Center Stage Bingo is the perfect casino to visit if you aren’t a fan of all the bright flashy lights and want something a little more low-key and isolated where you can pop in every now and again without having to break the bank. 

While this casino only offers video bingo games, these are still incredibly popular and come with a good amount of extra bonuses and rewards to keep players engaged throughout each play session.

There are several versions of these bingo games across the many machines that make up the moderately sized casino floor, however, in case you were worried about getting a little hungry while you play, there is even a bar just to the side of the machines where you can order from a delicious selection of coffees, teas, and beer depending on what you’re in the mood for. 

This casino opens its doors at 2pm every single day, so if you are feeling like you want to try a smaller casino with not as many machines but that still has an incredible atmosphere and a bar to go along with it, Center Stage is the place to be. 

4. Birmingham Race Course Casino

While the upstairs of this large and uniquely designed building is for dog and horse betting, the bottom floor is where you will find the casino, which has hundreds of machines lined up for you to try out which all look brand new and range from penny machines all the way up to machines that require $5 minimum for a spin, giving you a tremendous amount of choice to play the way that you want to. 

One very noticeable feature of this casino is how well kept and comfortable it is with there being a large smoking area away from the casino with no smoking allowed inside, big and heavy comfy chairs that you can melt into as soon as you sit down, and signs that encourage people to space out where they sit so that everyone has a good amount of room to keep them feeling comfortable while they play. 

The visitors to this casino are also known for being mostly local, giving it a very friendly and sociable atmosphere where you can easily make a few friends while trying your luck at one of the many machines found across the casino floor. 

5. Rivers Edge Bingo

With great food, fantastic music, and more bingo games under one roof than anywhere else in Alabama, the Rivers Edge Bingo Casino located in Knoxville Alabama is a great casino to visit when you want a little bit of entertainment to go along with your bets. 

With live bands playing all throughout the night, along with widescreen televisions showing the latest sports and a bar packed with cocktails and martinis to enjoy while you play, there’s never a shortage of things to do in this friendly and vibrant casino.

The exuberant rock and roll band Midlife Crisis is one of the most popular live events that can be found taking center stage from 8pm to 11pm every Saturday, providing you with the energy you need when taking another spin. 

We also can’t forget about the delicious food menu featuring the likes of hot dogs, burgers, steaks, and some of the juiciest and finest wings in all of Alabama that are considered a must-try by many visitors. 

6. Wind Creek Casino Wetumpka

Another Wind Creek casino, this time located just south of the city of Wetumpka, this casino boasts the largest casino floor in all of Alabama at an astounding 85,000 square feet long with over 3,000 machines to choose from, all complete with jackpots.

With that being said, if you aren’t much of a big gambler and are a little hesitant to spend big amounts of money just to chase the jackpot, this casino also features a wide variety of penny slot machines that you can still make big money from while also allowing for a much more stress-free and relaxed experience.

When stepping into this large and luxurious casino, don’t forget to sign up to earn one of the Wind Creed Rewards cards that are gifted to frequent visitors and can net you some bonuses on the machines, providing even more reasons why you should consider making this your casino of choice. 

With some incredibly clean and comfortable hotel rooms and fantastic food to go along with it, Wind Creek Casino Wetumpka is a casino you won’t want to miss out on. 

7. Big Hit Bingo

Center Stage Bingo & Casino

While the lively city of Gadsden may be well known for being named after the 19th century US Minister of Mexico James Gadsden, it has seen also seen its fair share of developments and improvements over recent decades that have made it somewhat of a tourist hotspot while still retaining that homely feeling it has always been known for, and you can feel that friendly and comfortable atmosphere as soon as you step into Big Hit Bingo.

This incredibly fun and inviting casino may not have as many neon signs and flashing lights as many other casinos, but it still provides more than enough bingo machines for you to try out, along with a few penny slot machines depending on how lucky you’re feeling once you take a seat (see also “8 Best Casinos In Oregon To Visit If You’re Feeling Lucky“). 

Big Hit Bingo also provides its visitors with an extremely wide selection of food and drink to choose from, along with the occasional live singer or band who make each visit feel unique and different. 

If you’re in the mood for a more local and laid-back casino where you can still try your luck at winning big, why not pay a visit to Big Hit Bingo in the beautiful city of Gadsden.


Next time you visit the big, expansive, and colorful state of Alabama, make sure not to miss out on paying a visit to one of these exciting casinos and try your hand at winning some big earnings along with enjoying some of the great food and entertainment they each have to offer.

Don’t forget to try out a few of these casinos rather than just one so that you can find the one that suits your taste and play style the most. 

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