7 Best Casinos In New Orleans To Visit If You’re Feeling Lucky


The bright and beautiful city of New Orleans, located in the heart of Louisiana and commonly known as the “Big Easy,” may be internationally renowned for its rich music, incredible cuisines and being a city with a fascinating culture and heritage that can be felt around every corner, but it is also full of a huge number of incredibly unique casinos all with their own unique atmospheres and slot machines that you can try out when you’re feeling lucky. 


Here are 7 of the very best casinos dotted around the eye-catching city of New Orleans that you should definitely consider trying your hand at next time you visit and have dreams of winning big. 

1. The Palms Casino

This small and local casino just off the St. Bernard Highway is not only well known for its fantastic mixture of high-prize and penny slot machines, giving visitors a good amount of choice depending on how they want to gamble, but it also features one of the cities most well-renowned restaurants just above which serves some downright delicious authentic New Orleans cuisine from shrimp Alfredo all the way to soft shell crab, along with a refreshing salad bar. 

Many visitors in their reviews have also commented on how generous and friendly the staff are who make the casino feel incredibly welcoming rather than it seeming intimidating if you are new to slots and need a little extra assistance on how to use them and which machines may be the best for you. 

If you’re looking for a cozy New Orleans casino with helpful and friendly staff, a variety of machines to play on, and some good old-fashioned New Orleans cuisine to make the experience even better, The Palms Casino is a must-visit. 

2. Boomtown Casino Hotel

With this casino being open 365 days every year and with over 30,000 square feet of space and over 1,000 machines to choose from along with roulettes, electronic table games, and a dedicated poker room, Boomtown is the casino to visit if you enjoy trying out a few machines at once or you’re a little indecisive and want to choose how to spend your money once you actually arrive. 

If you’re really feeling lucky and want to try your hand at a few unique and exciting games that can earn you big rewards, this casino also features blackjack, poker games with the most popular being Pai Gow Poker, and even craps which is a dice game that can be played electronically or against other players. 

If the sheer number of games this casino offers isn’t enticing enough, it is also just steps away from the hotel which features modern rooms and spacious suites complete with a host of premium amenities to help you relax after having fun in the casino. 

3. Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots

If you want a little entertainment to go along with your casino experience, the Fair Grounds Race Course on Gentilly Boulevard is a well-known and highly respected race course in New Orleans that is connected to a smaller casino, with the two being so close that you only need to walk a few steps from the casino to reach the large glass windows where you can watches horse races, along with special events such as camel, zebra and ostrich racing, making for an incredibly unique and memorable experience. 

The casino itself is also nothing to slouch at, featuring a few hundred penny and jackpot slots (see also “Do You Tip A Slot Attendant After A Jackpot?“), along with there being a deal on your first visit where the staff will give you slot credits on a return trip depending on how much you lost the first time. 

The casino also includes a feature where visitors can turn a seat around to reserve their space, meaning if you want to take a break from the slots to watch some races or visit the nearby local arts, crafts and clothes vendors, you can do so easily. 

4. Treasure Chest Casino

One of the most luxurious and vibrant casinos in all of Louisiana, Treasure Chest Casino offers an incredible variety of games to try your luck at including roulette, blackjack, three-card poker, Texas hold ’em, and even Mississippi stud, giving you an incredible amount of variety as soon as you step into this neon-lit star-studded casino. 

You will even find progressive jackpots, which are always worth taking a few spins on if you’re feeling lucky since the jackpot can add up to a tremendous sum if you manage to land one.

If you’re worried about getting a little hungry while you try out all these exciting machines, luckily, Treasure Chest offers some fantastic dine-in options, from hearty seafood meals to small peanuts and other snacks, along with a good selection of coffee, teas, wines and beer to keep you feeling refreshed during your stay at this fancy and luxurious casino. 

5. Lucky’s Casino

This small and retro-styled casino is found in Belle Chasse and is the perfect place to visit if you prefer a much quieter and more peaceful environment while you try your hand at the many slots that can be found across the fairly large casino area.

Many locals will frequent this casino, usually on the weekends, making it a great place to socialize and get to meet new people around New Orleans, especially with its late 90’s style bar along with a menu packed full of cocktails, martinis, and other beverages to keep you cool and refreshed while talking to the stranger next to you. 

The bar at Lucky’s also features a happy hour where the prices of all drinks are slashed for a certain amount of time, making the whole experience even more jolly and exciting (see also “Can Gambling Make You Happy?“). 

Pair this with some excellent customer service, and you have yourself one of the friendliest and most sociable casinos in all of New Orleans that you can guarantee will always be a good time no matter when you visit.

6. Harrah’s Casino New Orleans

As part of the reputable chain of Harrah’s casinos, you can be sure that this Vegas-style casino, with its glistening palm trees and tropical imagery, settles for nothing less than the very best service for its visitors, not only in terms of the customer service, but also when it comes to providing a comfortable, enjoyable and exciting experience on the machines, of which there are more than a few to choose from. 

Whether you want to try your hand at a table game, visit one of the dedicated poker rooms, or just want to sit down and relax, taking a few spins on the bright and eye-catching slot machines with over 200 games and themes you can choose to play, part of the beauty of this casino really is the amount of choice you have as soon as you step in through the large and colorful front doors. 

The dining area and bar are also top quality, and because it is part of the very reputable Harrah’s chain, this casino is also repaired and renovated periodically, so you can be sure that it only improves with each visit you take.

7. Carnival Club Casino & Sports Bar

With it being just 2.6 miles away from the Superdome and having TVs on nearly every wall, if you would consider yourself a sports fan, there really is no reason not to pay a visit to the quaint and cozy Carnival Club Casino that can be found along Elysian Fields Avenue. 

Many local natives have made this casino their local hangout due to just how much there is to keep you occupied, with there never being a dull moment thanks to the variety of classic casino games, a fantastic sports bar, and a huge food menu featuring some of New Orleans very own unique food options including beignets and charbroiled oysters.

If you are wondering when the best time to visit would be to get the full experience out of this casino, that would be on Saints Sundays when the casino provides full game-day coverage throughout the entire day, making for an incredibly fun experience as you sit down next to a slots machine with the bar right next to you and plenty of TVs with the volume cranked up allowing you to follow all the action as it happens.

There are also plenty of pool tables dotted around the casino floor if you want a more casual game that you and your friends can get involved with when you’re taking a break from the slots and other electronic machines, or if you just want to have something to keep you occupied while watching the big game. 


No matter what kind of casino you’re looking for, whether it’s one with that signature bright-light Vegas aesthetic, something a little more casual and local, or somewhere you can enjoy watching some sports while testing out the many slots and other machines on offer, there’s a casino to fit each and every person’s personal tastes in New Orleans. 

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