Best Payout Slots


Slot machines are some of the most beloved casino games, and they are based in casinos everywhere. You can even play slot machines online! 

If you enjoy playing slot machines for money, then it is vital to understand the prospect of Rate To Play Percentages (RTP %) for each game. 

Best Payout Slots

Today we’re looking at the best payout slots, as well as much more including where you can find the loosest slots, the favored edge, and payout percentages. 

Let’s dive right in, shall we? 

What Do We Mean By Slot Payouts? 

When you win on a slot machine, you’ll get a payout (see also “How To Win Slot Tournaments“). The percentage of this payout is the average amount a game will return to the player within the winnings, compared to the amount played. 

Remember that this is just an average, and it works on time rather than individual wagering.

The RTP % won’t tell you how much you can make back in a single sitting, or even 100, but the more spins you make the higher your chances of hitting the machine’s payout percentage. 

Here’s an example of how payout percentages work for a machine with a 95% RTP. 

You bet $100 on this machine. On average, the machine will then return $95 to the player. 

However, nothing is ever this simple. The machine could be programmed to offer cashouts only after $10,000 has been spent on it, which would then need to be collected by a series of players before one lucky player hit the correct percentage. 

They would then win $9,500.

Here, you can see why it is more favorable for the player to bet high money in the hopes of hitting the payout requirement quicker. 

You can also see how RTP % favors the casino rather than the player, as 5% of the wagers are going directly to the casino. However, this is simply to keep the casino running, and is built into every game. 

Slot machines are so fun as they work on average. One player could be on the cusp of the jackpot, give up and allow the next player (hopefully you) to swoop in and win big money.

Or you could experience a streak of bad luck. 

The uncertainty and risk of gamble are what keeps everyone coming back. 

Best Slot Machines With The Highest Payouts

Now let’s get into the part that everyone has been waiting for – the slot machines with the highest payouts. These all have impressive RTP % that gives you the best chance of winning big – on average. 

Mega Joker From NetEnt

NetEnt has a great reputation for housing some of the best-paying online slots. Out of their impressive catalog, however, Mega Joker seems to be one of the best for RTP % with an average of 98.90%. 

NetEnt has an average RTP % of 96.51% for all of their games, but you can see that Mega Joker is much higher than this. 

Meta Joker is a simple and fun slot machine with three spinners and five lines of payout. The bets can be in the form of $0.01, $0.02, or $1 per pay line, so you have full control over how much you’re wagering. 

Each winning on the basic game transfers your earnings to the Supermeter, improving your chances of winning big money. 

What’s The Mega Joker Supermeter? 

The Supermeter is another round of the Mega Joker game, allowing you the chance to bet larger amounts of money – between 20 to 200 coins. Each Supermeter level houses more impressive prizes for the winning symbols. 

Here’s an example: 

Three lemons in the basic game earn you 20 coins. These are then taken up to the Supermeter, where three lemons can pay 200 coins when 20 coins are originally bet. 400 coins are paid when 40 coins are bet. 

As you can see, Supermeter mode is much higher stakes. 

Betting 100 or 200 coins in Supermeter mode gives you the chance to activate mystery wins by obtaining the joker symbol. 

Supermeter mode is designed to gamble your original winnings from the base game. You don’t need to do this – you can walk away with your winnings without entering the Supermeter. 

Pay Dirt From Realtime Gaming

Realtime Gaming software is incredibly popular in the US, and casinos that feature it can stand to make much more money than those that don’t. 

Pay Dirt is an excellent online slot machine, and it is one of the highest-paying slot machines in the US. The theme is Gold Rush and there are five reels with 25 paylines to play for. 

The RTP is 97.7%, making this an excellent slot machine to get in on before too many people find it and steal the jackpot away. 

The wild symbol is a golden nugget, which is a nice touch. This can only be found on the second and fourth reels during the base game. However, it appears more during the free spin bonus rounds. 

Another special symbol is the Pay Dirt sign, which acts as a scatter symbol. If you get three scatter symbols, the game will elicit one of the three bonus features.

These are: 

  1. Gold Rush feature: 12 free spins, with golden nuggets on any reel. 
  2. Gold Fever feature: 5 free spins, with the third reel being made up of only golden nuggets. 
  3. Strike It Lucky feature: 10 free spins, with the chance to randomly select a bonus symbol to replace the golden nugget. 

These bonus features can then be triggered again for more free spins. 

Pay Dirt offers plenty of fun and exciting features, and the randomly-triggered jackpot allows more people to win big. Even if you don’t get your hands on the progressive jackpot, the plenty of other chances to win smaller earnings make this one of the best payout slots online. 

Ugga Bugga From Playtech

Ugga Bugga is another slot machine with an impressive payout rate, and it’s even complete with a Tribal Jungle theme. 

With an RTP of 99.07%, we don’t know why more people aren’t in on this game! 

Ugga Bugga offers you two spins for every bet. The first spin uses three reels, which you can then hold for the next spin. This increases your chances of getting a match or a higher-paying win. 

The symbol you hold will remain in its same position for the remaining nine reel sets. The second spin allows you to earn payouts from all ten of the paylines. 

Playtech even makes it easier for you to win by suggesting the best symbol to hold in your first spin. You can either take their suggestion or make up your own mind.

Playtech’s suggestion shows you the paytable’s best hand, though, so we recommend going with their suggestion. 

The maximum payout on Ugga Bugga is 1,000 times your bet. It might not seem like the most lucrative jackpot, but you can win this on each of the ten paylines. It all adds up! 

In fact, how quickly this all adds up makes Ugga Bugga one of the best slots to use in terms of payout percentage. 

Good Girl Bad Girl From Betsoft

Betsoft is another incredibly popular online casino in the US, and its extensive catalog makes it difficult to know which game you should play. Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. 

Good Girl Bad Girl is the highest-paying slot machine from Betsoft, with an RTP of 97.8%. 

The game consists of five reels and 15 paylines, including three game modes.

These are as follows: 

  • Good Girl mode: You will earn smaller, more frequent wins. 
  • Bad Girl mode: You’ll play the higher volatility mode, in which you’ll earn less frequent wins, but the wins will be more significant. 
  • Combination mode: This mode offers you double the number of paylines. 

Each mode offers you the chance to trigger a money wheel bonus by hitting three scatter symbols. 

The gambling feature also offers you the chance to double each win, and you choose whether the good side or bad side will win the coin toss. 

The symbols include kittens, halos, pitchforks, and a full moon. If you match a halo and pitchfork together, another bonus is triggered in which you get to pick between four boxes. 

Two of these boxes include small wins that guarantee a chance to play at the next level, while the other two boxes offer higher winnings, with no guaranteed payout. 

The game offers amazing sound quality and graphics, so playing this game is a really fun experience. Plus, the higher chance of winning is always a nice touch! 

Wizard Of Gems From Play N’ Go

This game features five reels and twenty paylines, with the symbols being colored gems to resemble the game Bejeweled. It is a game centered around magic and wizardry, and the storytelling is a nice touch.

The RTP of 97.66% also isn’t bad, and the fact that each consecutive win gets multiplied up to 5 times means that your cashout has the potential to be immense. 

Look for the wizard’s book of magic spells as this is the wild symbol, and the golden star acts as the scatter symbol. 

When you land on three scatter symbols, you’ll earn 10 free spins. The wizard will change one symbol for a wild one on every spin, and you can still win multipliers for consecutive wins here, too. 

This is a simple slot game, but the multipliers and bonus features mean that you can add up an impressive total quickly.

Monopoly Big Event From Barcrest

Finally, this online slot machine has an RTP of 99% and is therefore one of the best you can play for high jackpots (see also “What Does RTP Mean When Playing Slots?“). 

It is set up like a traditional game of Monopoly, with five reels and 20 paylines. 

There are plenty of multipliers and free spins to find within this game, and what it lacks in bonus features, it makes up for in higher jackpots. 

You can bet larger sums of money in this game, improving your payout percentage and increasing your chances of finding a multiplier. 

Bet even more money to trigger the wheel of fortune, and behold your winnings! 

This game is simple, fun, and with as high of an RTP as 99%, there’s nothing to complain about! 

What About In-Person Slot Machines?

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Traditional slot machines can offer amazing jackpots, but their RTP tends to be lower than online slot machines. This is because the percentage that goes to the casino needs to pay for overheads, such as bills, mortgages, and other necessary costs.

While an online slot machine can offer an RTP % of 99% and just take 1% for themselves, traditional casinos might not be able to survive on such small earnings. 

Because of this, you’ll often see in-person slot machines with an RTP of between 85% and 95%. 

Online slot machines will always have a higher RTP %, meaning that your chance of winning is higher. So, we’d stick to online casinos if you’re trying to win big. 

How To Find The Best Paying Slot Games

Anyone who says that they’re just playing the slot machines for fun is lying. We’re all trying to hit the jackpot, right?! 

If you want to be able to find slot machines with the best payouts, there are a couple of ways to effectively find them. Let’s take a look at these methods now. 

1. Utilize Software Providers Information

One of the most effective ways to find out whether a machine has a high RTP or not is to use the software providers. 

Most people think that the casino controls the RTP of the machines, but this isn’t technically true. The software provider will set the RTP and it can only be changed through their controls. 

Every game is different and will therefore offer a unique RTP. Many software providers make multiple slot machine games, each with its own RTP set.

For example, Playtech is responsible for both Ugga Bugga and X-Men, but their RTPs are 99% and 92% respectively. 

There are plenty of reasons to affect the RTP of a game, so don’t assume that the software provider uses the same RTP for all of their games.

Luckily, slot software providers aren’t often secretive with the RTPs they set for each of their games. Many will be easy to find on their websites. So, we always recommend that you check the software developer’s website first. 

Failing this, utilize their contact details or live chat tools to ask them about the RTP directly. 

2. Choose Simple Games Over Complex Alternatives

Extra features might be fun and entertaining, but they’re also a telltale sign that the game costs a lot of money to make. Software developers and online casinos will lower the RTP to make up for the extra money taken to make such an intensive game. 

Another example of this is licensing costs. Take the X-Men slot game for example from Playtech. This game needed to obtain a license so that the game didn’t violate any copyright laws.

This license costs money, increasing the overhead of the game. 

Perhaps this is why the RTP of the X-Men slot game is only 92%, while other popular slot games from the same developer offer much higher RTPs (see: Ugga Bugga at 99%).

Games with simple themes and fewer bonus features are more likely to be turned into online slot machine games. 

Our advice is to look for simple, three-reel games with fewer paylines and bonus features. 

Of course, there are always exceptions. The Monopoly Big Event by Barcrest has an RTP of 99 and a license – but this is excused by the lack of bonus features. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Trick To Win Slots? 

Unfortunately, there are no easy wins, tips, or tricks to use when playing slot machines.

The best thing to do when you want to win at slots is to choose a machine with the highest RTP rate, the most impressive payouts, and the correct volatility level. 

Betting higher amounts of money will surely get you closer to that payout percentage required by each game, but there is no guarentee that you will achieve this in one sitting.

Are Slots Tighter On The Weekend?

There is nothing to suggest that slots are programmed differently on any day of the week. Slot machine wins are all random, so there are no set times when winning the jackpot is more difficult than others. 

The only issue that could arise from this is that there is a higher volume of people playing on the weekend, making your chances of hitting the jackpot slimmer. 


Thank you for reading our guide on the best payout slot games! Online machines are always going to have a higher RTP than in-person games thanks to the lower overheads of online casinos. 

If you’re looking for a high RTP game, choose one that is unlicensed with fewer frills. You can also look on the software provider’s website or get in touch with them to learn the RTP of their individual games. 

Good luck! 

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