Can You Smoke In Vegas Casinos?


Back in the day, you would find the many casinos adorning the strips of Vegas filled with smoke. Experienced gamblers would eagerly cross the fog-covered floors and excited first-timers in Vegas would try and navigate a challenging game of poker while breathing in heavy amounts of tobacco.

Can You Smoke In Vegas Casinos?

However, it’s not quite the same today. In recent years, laws regarding smoking have become a lot stricter, and this has led many people to question whether or not it is still possible to smoke in casinos. 

We are here to help! In this article, we will delve into whether or not you can smoke in Vegas casinos, and explain the reasons why. If you’re interested, read on for more! 

Can You Smoke In Vegas Casinos?

Smoking is permitted in many Las Vegas casinos, but it is not permitted in all! 

Many Las Vegas casinos have banned indoor smoking in public spaces, following the tighter laws and restrictions around smoking in indoor, public spaces. However, many casinos both on and off the Strip still allow patrons to smoke inside while gaming. 

However, it is important to note that any casinos that allow minors close by are legally required to ban smoking while gaming. Although, they will still provide specific areas where smoking is permitted.

Most casinos will allow you to smoke in their outdoor areas as well as the gaming pits. This is because minors are not allowed to enter the gaming pits. 

Why Is Smoking Still Permitted In Some Vegas Casinos?

It would be logical to assume that since there are tighter laws surrounding smoking in indoor spaces for other venues, that casinos in Vegas would also be subject to these rules.

However, according to the Nevada Clean Air Act, exceptions to the ban on smoking in indoor public places are strip clubs, specific bars, tobacco stores, and certain casinos. 

It is said that there is a strong link between smoking and gambling, in that when people smoke, they are more likely to want to gamble.

This may be partly why many Las Vegas casinos can still allow smoking. It is interesting to note that in casinos that do not permit smoking, there has been a significant drop in revenue. 

Because of this, casinos in Sin City fought to keep smoking as a legal activity in specific areas of the building in order to keep patrons spending money in their venues, thereby protecting their own interests. 

However, it is also important to note that every day, more and more Las Vegas casinos are considering banning smoking and becoming non-smoking areas. This puts more pressure on pro-smoking casinos. 

What Vegas Casinos Still Permit Smoking?

Here is a list of just some of the Vegas casinos that still permit smoking. 

  • Caesars Palace
  • Wynn Resorts
  • The MGM Grand
  • Las Vegas Sands (gaming floor only)
  • The Venetian And Palazzo (gaming floor only)
  • Resort World Las Vegas (gaming floor only)

What Vegas Casinos Do Not Permit Smoking?

There is only one casino that has totally banned smoking in all areas of the venue: The Park MGM. This was the first Las Vegas casino to go smoke-free in its entirety.

It is important to note that the smoking ban here also extends to NoMad Las Vegas, even though this is a separate hotel. This is because it shares the same casino as Park MGM. 

Why Are Casinos Banning Smoking?

There are numerous reasons why smoking has been banned from indoor public spaces, including casinos. More and more casinos are agreeing to these bans for a list of reasons. Here are some examples:

  • It is said to be harmful to those who work in the casino 
  • It makes the atmosphere unpleasant for those who do not smoke
  • The smoking population has declined due to increasing awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco, so a smoking ban has become less impactful
  • Tobacco smoke has damaged the interior design of many casinos. It is difficult to remove smoke from soft furnishings. 
  • Casinos need to have a sense of responsibility to the public. Many believe they cannot afford to gain a bad reputation by permitting smoking in any room of their venue

Is It Possible To Smoke In Vegas Hotel Rooms?

The majority of casinos will not permit their guests to smoke in their hotel rooms, and this includes the MGM grand. If you are caught smoking in your hotel room, you are likely to receive a fine.

Cigarette smoke is strong, and it is likely that it will affect the other guests at the hotel, as well as those who will stay in the same room after you. 

Is It Possible To Smoke In Vegas Casino Restaurants?

You may smoke in Vegas casino restaurants if it is an outdoor restaurant. However, you are not permitted to smoke in the indoor restaurants of any Las Vegas casino.

So, if you want to smoke in the middle of your meal, then you will need to find an outdoor smoking area or eat at an outdoor restaurant along the Las Vegas strip. 

Is It Possible To Vape In Vegas Casinos?

Smoking, vaping, and E-cigarettes are all considered to be the same thing under Nevada government law. So, just like you cannot smoke in certain casinos, casino rooms, restaurants, or hotel rooms,  you cannot vape, either. 

However, any gaming rooms that do permit you to smoke, will also permit you to vape. 

Final Thoughts 

Many casinos in Las Vegas still permit patrons to smoke. However, many exclude smoking in certain rooms, while others do not permit smoking at all.

Smoking has been banned from many indoor spaces, but Vegas casinos are considered an exception due to the strong link between smoking and gambling (see also “How Old To Gamble In Vegas?“). 

However, more and more casinos are banning smoking in its entirety for many reasons. Not only does cigarette smoke cause harm to non-smoking patrons and casino workers, but it also damages the interior furnishings of the casinos.

So, even though there are still pro-smoke casinos in Vegas, there is increasing pressure for a total indoor smoking ban in the venues.

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