Casinos In Virginia


There are not many casinos available in Virginia. This is because of the strict trading laws surrounding gambling. There are some casino options in Virginia, but they only contain bingo and horse race betting.

This article will look at some of the casino options in Virginia, exploring whether or not they are worth a visit! Read on for more information!  

Casinos In Virginia

Best Casinos In Virginia 

1. Rosie’s Gaming Emporium

If you’re looking for some non-stop gaming fun then you should visit Rosie’s Gaming Emporium. This location features up to 700 different horse racing games, allowing you to bet on these horse races.

You can head over to Rosie’s Gaming Emporium throughout the year and you will have the opportunity to win big! 

2. Colonial Downs 

Colonial Downs is another casino based in Virginia. It is located in New Kent and it has a long history of horse racing. You can take part in the historical horse racing electronic games that are present in Virginia.

Gambling Laws In Virginia 

As mentioned above, Virginia has some very strict gambling laws (see also “Gambling At Home: Is It Against The Law?“). In Virginia, there are not many casinos as this type of gambling is prohibited in the state. 

The only type of gambling allowed are bingo, horse racing and the Virginia Lottery.

Other types of gambling that are allowed are private residence gambling. This means that it is legal to host a game of poker that involves gambling. This must be just a friendly game, and it cannot be used as a money making scheme.

The rules surrounding this are very clear and anyone who has been running a gambling business that is older than 30 days or who makes over $2000 per day is considered to be committing a crime.

If you lose money in any way that is considered to be illegal in the eyes of the state, then it is very likely that you will be able to get this money back. This makes the gambling scene very temperamental. 

It is legal to bet on horse racing online, but only if you are betting on horses that are running on tracks in the state. As Virginia does not currently have a race track, this means that this is impossible to do.

What Gambling Games Are Allowed In Virginia?

While lots of types of gambling are permitted in Virginia, there is still some betting that can take place. While these options are limited, they include: 

State Lottery

In the state lottery, players are able to enter by buying tickets. There are huge amounts of prizes to be won in this way. 


Bingo is a legal form of gambling. There are lots of different bingo halls available that offer the opportunity to play bingo for lots of different types of prizes. Some bingo halls offer money as the prize, while others offer other prizes. 

Daily Fantasy Sports

There are certain daily fantasy sports that you are able to play in Virginia. In this game, you will be able to test your knowledge of sports, allowing you to create the ultimate team and make some winning from this. Sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel are able to do this. 

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Horse Racing 

Horse racing and betting on horse races are allowed in Virginia, however there are no racetracks in the state. This means that there are no opportunities for the people of Virginia to bet on this.

Where To Go For Other Casinos? 

There are no casinos in Virginia, there are only places where you can play bingo and any of the other available games that are legal in Virginia. If you are looking to play more traditional casino games then you will need to consider opting for visiting neighboring states where this is legal. 

In places such as Maryland, North Carolina and West Virginia there are places where you can visit a more traditional casino. In Virginia, there are over 600 bingo halls, but the kind of gambling that takes place in casinos is not allowed.

Casinos In Virginia History 

There has never been a big history of gambling in Virginia. While horse racing was popular in the state before 1897, it then became outlawed. When this happened, an underground community of gamblers game around. 

There wasn’t much available to gamblers in Virginia outside of the illegal activities until bingo became legal in 1973. 

After bingo became legal, the state lottery followed closely in the steps, becoming legal in Virginia in 1988. 

In 1997 horse race betting was again legalized and a racetrack was opened in Virginia. This was named the Colonial Downs Racetrack. This track didn’t get much interest and was later closed in 2014.

While it is still technically legal to bet on horse racing in Virginia, there is nowhere for the horse racing to take place currently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Casinos In Virginia?

There are no casinos in Virginia due to the strict gambling laws in the state. There are lots of bingo halls and things similar to this, but there are no casinos. If you are looking for a casino you will have to head to the neighboring states.

Are Online Casinos Legal In Virginia?

No, online casinos are not legal in Virginia. There are laws against online gambling in the same way as gambling in casinos.

You are able to bet among your friends, but it has to be friendly and if you are found to be making substantial profits off it then this is always considered illegal by the state.

Final Thoughts 

Not many forms of gambling are legal in the state of Virginia. You are able to bet on horse racing and partake in bingo.

There are lots of bingo halls in the state. However, there are no casinos that have other types of gambling in them. If you are looking for this then you will have to travel to neighboring states in order to experience this gambling.

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