Does The Number Of Line On A Slot Machine Matter?


Slot machines initially had a single paying line, along which matching symbols were required in order to receive a payout.

We can all agree that things are very different now. A slot machine’s paylines can run in a variety of ways. You can select the number of lines you want to utilize in some games.

Number Of Line On A Slot Machine

These lines are crucial to achieving a significant win, even though the rules may vary.

Whether the number of lines will have an effect on the game is one concern individuals have regarding slot games. The solution is difficult because numerous factors affect your chances of winning.

In this article, we will discuss whether the number of lines on a slot machine matters. 

How Does A Line Work?

When you play a slot machine, the pay line is one of the potential symbol combinations that could result in a payout.

They are referred to as lines because they appear to follow a certain line, angle, or pattern on the screen. Examples include straight, diagonal, zigzag, and other lines.

Line Rules

All slots adhere to these regulations. While some details may vary from machine to machine, you can anticipate that these guidelines will apply regularly.

  • There will be a line going left to right. Each of the reels will have one symbol covered by it.
  • Each reel does not require the line to cross exactly horizontally. It may move over the reels, both up and down. Before playing, you can examine the rules on a slot machine to discover which lines are valid.
  • To receive a reward, you would need to land at least a couple of the same symbols or other symbols required on the same payline. Additionally, for you to win, that line has to be active.
  • The line pays going left to right in the majority of games. It moves along to the right after starting on the first reel on the left.

Is It Better To Have More Lines?

You might believe that by activating additional lines on a slot machine, your chances of winning increase.

However, depending on the lines you choose, the random number generator program within a slot machine might change the rules.

Remember that using more lines will increase the cost. Although, If you hit several winning lines in one spin, you can get a sizable prize. Even so, you are still placing a hefty wager.

There are situations when the amount you win is less than the whole bet you made.

A game may have considerably fewer outcomes if it has fewer lines. For instance, a classic one-line slot machine can include a number of symbols on each reel (see also “What Is The Relationship Between 7 And Slot Machines?“).

Yet, how each spin is decided will still be determined by the random number generator.

As a result, more lines can potentially mean a bigger payout, but your chances are lower. Additionally, you may not get a substantial prize compared to the wager you placed. 

Flexible Or Fixed Lines?

You may have the option of a flexible or fixed number of lines on your slot machine. With a fixed layout, you are required to play a specific amount of lines in each slot. 

Whereas, you can choose the amount of lines in a flexible game, which will affect how much you gamble per spin. If the cost of a spin with all the lines maintained makes you uneasy, you should select this option.

Do You Have A Better Chance At Winning On Games Free Of Lines?

Numerous casinos also provide games without lines. A slot machine game with no lines has a conventional layout. There may be five reels and three rows on the screen, but no lines.

Each symbol is actually a scatter symbol.

When there are 3 or more matching icons on adjacent reels, you will receive a payout. Either a right-to-left or a left-to-right combination could result in a win. 

These games without lines are advertised as providing 243 or 1,024 different ways to win. The sum varies depending on the arrangement of the symbols on the screen.

Even though you might still receive a substantial reward, it does not necessarily increase your likelihood of succeeding.

Thus, just because your slot machine doesn’t have any lines, that doesn’t always make it easier for you to win.

Slot Machines Are Random 

There is one additional thing to consider with slot machine lines. Those who bet more or less will not be treated differently by the slot machine.

Every time a slot machine is spun, the random number generator algorithm will generate a different set of outcomes. It doesn’t take into account how many coins or lines you use during a spin.

Generally speaking, placing more bets enhances your likelihood of winning. However, that does not imply that you should rely solely on the odds to determine your chances of winning.

Even when individuals place smaller bets, they occasionally receive significant winnings. Regardless of how many lines you play on a slot machine, the outcome is always random.


Overall, the number of lines a slot machine has doesn’t make a big difference to winning.

As mentioned above, your outcome on a slot machine is always random, no matter how many lines you are playing with.

If you are interested in less frequently occurring, bigger winnings, slot machines featuring less paying lines are better (see also “How To Pick A Good Paying Slot Machine“).

However, using more paying lines, the wins will occur more frequently but for lower sums. As a result, everything balances itself out, so it is your choice with how many lines you decide to play with. 

We hope this article has been helpful. Now you should have a better understanding if the number of lines on a slot machine matters.

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