Gambling As A Full-Time Job: Is It Possible?


The majority of people you speak with will likely agree that pursuing gambling full-time is not a realistic objective. But a lot of people have been successful in turning gambling into a career.

Dan Bilzerian is maybe the most well-known of them all. 

Gambling As A Full-Time Job: Is It Possible?

Although he is involved in a number of businesses, his primary reputation is as a professional gambler. Another name that sticks out is Matthew Benham, owner of Midtjylland FC and Brentford FC.

Let’s look into the pros and cons of career gambling, and the advice you should keep in mind if it’s something you want to pursue.

Disadvantages Of Being A Professional Gambler

Career gambling might introduce you to all kinds of vices. If you struggle with maintaining discipline, you risk developing certain negative habits. In some circles, you might have to deal with some social stigma. 

The general public admires professional gamblers who have had a great career, but relatively few people actually desire to identify themselves as such. 

No matter if it’s an old boys’ club or a high-profile business event, you might have to come up with a different way to describe yourself. Your professional success is highly tied to the whims and fancies of the gaming establishments. 

If you gamble offline, you can find that you have to relocate several times quickly in order to find the right environment for your business. Your success could be greatly hampered by a simple rule adjustment in your favourite game. 

For instance, it was considerably more difficult to find a simple heads-up poker game at 5 AM GMT after the US Government outlawed internet gaming.

You might come into conflict with your system of beliefs. This is particularly true if your religious background forbids gambling. Even if you wind up being highly successful, this internal conflict might cause you to feel unfulfilled and sad.

Compared to most other endeavours, there is a higher likelihood of failure and financial failure. Look about you; you will see innumerable instances of unsuccessful gamblers.

Many among them never have another opportunity to live good lives.

The Benefits Of Gambling Professionally

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You’ll have time for more important things. Do you desire more family time? Are you interested in spending more time in the garden? You’ll be freed from the constraints of the 9–5 job if you make gambling your career.

You could achieve fame. Even if they aren’t as well-known as A-list celebrities, word spreads rapidly these days because of social media. You simply need one significant victory to become well-known.

You’ll strengthen your mental toughness. This will be extremely beneficial to you in other areas of your life and will be helpful if you decide to launch a business.

You can establish new relationships. One of the best venues to meet famous people is at the gambling table. It’s up to you to decide how these people can make your life better.

The globe is accessible to you. For instance, poker tournaments are held all over the world. This gives you the chance to earn money while exploring the world—a combination for which many people would do everything.

You can safeguard your family’s financial future. If you win big, you may have enough cash for your needs and to help those in your community.

The pros and drawbacks will undoubtedly show you that starting a professional career as a gambler is about striking a balance between risk and return. 

You must be able to assess the chances and choose wisely. Here are some additional things you should know if you think you have enough discipline and are still determined to make gambling your full-time career.

Advice For Gamblers

Contrary to popular belief, success at gambling requires more than just luck. The most successful gamblers use strategy. Their chances of success rise as a result.

It is possible to become a professional gambler, but it is not simple. You must outperform your competitors, limit significant losses, and increase gains. 

To get the appropriate level of competence required to begin a profession in gambling, you also require a lot of practice. Avoid the error of quitting your work abruptly before you begin experiencing regular success with your gaming.

The supplementary information listed below will help you as you develop your gambling profession. Keep these in mind every day until they become second nature to you.

Never bet without a set strategy in place. Before starting any gambling session, you should always have a clear understanding of your ultimate objectives. 

When do you decide to give up? When do you stop investing and start taking your profits home? Your strategy should address these queries.

Don’t go on a gambling spree in retaliation. Gambling for vengeance entails going after your losses. Usually, doing this entails forsaking prudence and your plan of action. 

It usually comes to a disastrous end. It would be smart to reconsider your stance on turning gambling into a career if you have aspirations of becoming an unintentional millionaire.

Stay within your comfort zone! You’ll learn throughout your gambling career which games bring you the most success. It might involve placing bets on cricket or horse racing.

The secret is to ensure you only leave your comfort zone to explore new places. 

If you excel at betting on horse races, poker, and football, stick to those sports; you’ll have more fortune than a haphazard gambler. 

Incorporate it gradually into your repertoire of activities if you attempt anything else using simulated activities (rather than real money) and back test your method. 

If you discover that you have an advantage there as well. You have an advantage in the games you are most skilled at for whatever reason.

Limit your excitement. The fact that you’ve made a few hundred pounds is fantastic.

However, if you let overexcitement take hold, you could easily lose everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve. 

This holds true both during and following a game. To make the appropriate choices in the game, you must maintain your composure. 

After the game, you need to maintain your composure to avoid developing mental habits that will make your next game more stressful for you. 

Final Thoughts

Always use logic when gambling rather than emotion.

A profession in gambling is difficult and full of risks, but it can also be fulfilling if you maintain composure and adopt a long-term approach that provides you an advantage.
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