How To Withdraw Money From A Slot Machine


Confused about how you withdraw money from an online slot machine? Fear not, as in this article we’ll take you through the process step-by-step, so you’ll have your well-deserved winnings in no time!

How To Withdraw Money From A Slot Machine

As long as you know the details, withdrawing money from an online casino is a pretty straightforward process.

We’ll take you through each of the steps, how to tell the difference between certain bank elements, how to check the status of your request, and how long you can expect to wait to receive your earnings.

But first, let’s take a look at essential documents you should have to hand. 

  • A valid ID or passport.
  • A service invoice that has your address and name printed on it.
  • Your credit card, scanned from both sides.
  • Access to your email account to verify your identity. 

When you have those items to hand, you can get started!

How To Tell Bank Elements Apart

Below are the most common elements that you’ll find on your bankroll report, and in order to properly manage your funds you need to know exactly what they are, as these are often crucial to gambling successfully. 

Bonus balance: This is the amount of money you’ve received in promotions or bonuses.

Bonus summary: More detailed information on your bonuses.

Cash balance: This balance details your funds that are considered ‘liquid.’

Current playthrough achieved: This is the amount that your bonuses have been wagered.

Playthrough required: Your bonus’ wagering target.

Total balance: Your bonus balance and cash balance combined.

Step 1

Whenever you handle funds, it’s a good idea to not rely on links that you receive via email so you can avoid scams and fraud.

You should make sure you’re on the official website of the casino before logging in to your account, and clicking on ‘cashier’ or ‘bank.’ You should then be taken to a new window.

Many browsers can help you check the credibility of the site by showing a closed padlock on the left-hand side of the address bar. These icons used to be green, but safe sites are now a little more difficult to spot. 

However, as long as you can see a padlock, you can rest assured that an SSL security protocol is in place to keep your information safe.

Step 2

If the amount you wish to withdraw goes red, you have most likely overestimated what is actually available, or underestimated the minimum amount required. In both cases, double-check your earnings. 

A few online casinos provide direct links to guides and the cost of the available payment methods.

You should take a look at these guides if you’re still a bit unsure about the process for the particular casino you’re withdrawing winnings from.

How To Withdraw Money From A Slot Machine

Step 3

Now you just need to click ‘withdraw!’ While you will probably have the option to check and alter the amount, payment method, and currency, this is a pretty simple step.

You have now begun the process of successfully withdrawing your earnings. Still the question remains, what happens now?

How Long Will It Take For My Money To Appear?

This is a common question to ask. We feel a little frustrated that a casino readily takes our money away from us, but is not so forthcoming when giving us our winnings.

While this is just how casinos work, this is also due to the fact that casinos are established companies, so to make sure their withdrawals are legitimate they need to go through a confirmation process. 

There are two elements to a casino withdrawing your winnings. The first element is making a request to the bank, and the second element is the banking process.

Online casinos normally withdraw winnings within 48 hours, depending on the payment method. For example, wire transfers are normally a lot slower than credit cards or debit card transactions.

It usually takes 5 days for the bank to process wire transfers. However, if you’re in the US and you and the casino operator use the same bank, then this could cut the wait down dramatically.

While there are a few reasons why your earnings may still be unavailable at your casino or the bank, the most common reasons are the following.

Incorrect Information

It’s quite astounding how long it takes for an online casino to process insufficient requests, and it can take a while for them to get back on the right track. This is why it’s so important to take your time when submitting your request form. 

Reverse Withdrawal

Most reliable casinos give you the opportunity to take back a withdrawal request and give you 24-48 hours to rescind your decision.

However, you can switch this setting off, and if you’re having trouble with this, you can get some help from a live support assistant. 

How To Check The Status Of Your Requests

All transactions should be saved in a ‘History’ tab, and the beauty of online casinos is that they let you manage your spending habits and bankroll properly.

If you notice any errors, there should be live support that you can contact. Do this straight away, and make sure you have the relevant information in front of you.

Also bear in mind that casinos naturally want you to gamble more, and the most exploitative casinos will attempt to slow down the transaction as much as possible in order to achieve this.

In most cases, they take advantage of the standard 48 hours it takes for your funds to be withdrawn, in the hopes that you’ll cancel the withdrawal and gamble the money rather than waiting.

Please do not do this! If you intend to withdraw your money, stick to that decision!

Final Thoughts

Withdrawing earnings from an online casino is pretty simple. You just have to log into the online casino, head to the cashier and make a withdrawal request.

You just have to ensure that the limits are followed and there is no bonus preventing you from withdrawing your earnings. Once you request the withdrawal, the money should appear in your account within 3 business days.

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