What Is A Bonus Slot Machine?


If you’re familiar with slot machines (whether they be online or offline), you’ll know that there’s such a crazy amount of games to choose from, it can be overwhelming.

Each slot machine game has a different aesthetic, different bonus, and different rates of payout, so choosing the right machine to boost your chances of winning can feel impossible. 

What Is A Bonus Slot Machine?

However, many slot machine players love to increase their chances by playing on bonus slot machines – these machines are by no means a new invention, and with all sorts of bonuses on offer, you could be in with a few extra chances of scooping the biggest jackpots on the machine, and walking away a winner…

Still not sure how bonus slot machines work? Well, in this article, we’re here to walk you through the ins and outs of bonus slot machines, how they work, and how they could improve your chances. 

What Is A Bonus Slot Machine? 

Bonus slot machines aren’t a new invention by any stretch, and they’re certainly more common online than they are offline.

With a bonus slot machine or a slot machine bonus, you’ll be given access to certain bonus levels or games in your regular game that can improve your chances of winning.

These bonuses can vary between machines, but some of the most common options are free spins and sometimes, even instant prize wins! 

Some bonuses are based purely on luck, while others allow you to use real skills for a chance of winning cash. Some bonuses will require minimal player interaction, while others will require you to be a little more interactive.

Whatever the format, bonuses can make players feel more in control of their chances, and the promise of a freebie (even if it’s just a free play), can encourage players to keep on gambling at the machines, making more money for the casinos or online providers. 

How Do Bonus Features Work? 

If your chosen slot machine is one of the lucky ones that give out bonuses, each bonus can vary dramatically depending on the machine, and the features it offers.

Your bonus feature will usually be triggered by scoring a certain combination of numbers of symbols, that once achieved, initiate the bonus event.

Some bonus games will have other requirements, such as collecting a certain number of hidden symbols within a game, or performing a certain number of spins per game.

Here are some of the most common bonus features offered in slot machine games: 

Arcade Features 

Some bonus games unlock arcade-style features that offer a game within a game. Most of these games do not require any additional skills from the players, and most are based on luck.

This arcade feature could look like some sort of shooting game, a coin collection game, alien invasion game, or more!

Arcade bonus games are popular with online slot players, and the most popular online slot games tend to be those that offer arcade-style extras. 

Click Events 

Another popular option is click events. As the name suggests, these click-style games are added extras that only require you to click a few buttons to unlock your extra prizes.

This could be as simple as clicking on boxes or coins to reveal extra prizes, such as free spins, game bonuses, or entries into another bonus game.

Rewards can vary between games, but most bonus click events tend to be extra spins or game assistant options rather than instant wins. 

Are Slots With Bonus Games Better? 

What Is A Bonus Slot Machine? (1)

Here’s a question that gets asked pretty frequently… Are games with bonus slots better? Well, if you like added extras, then yes, you’ll probably enjoy a bonus game.

However, there’s no guarantee that these extras will increase your chances of winning – they’ll simply keep you playing for longer.

Bonus games are a great way for slot machine providers to keep their players hooked on the thrill of the game, which usually makes them more money than you could ever win from a bonus or regular game.

If you’ve struggled with a gambling addiction in the past, we’d recommend steering clear of bonus games. They’re addicting and can be dangerous for the wrong players. 

Do People Win On Bonus Games? 

Yes, they do! If your bonus game is one that offers a prize win, or extra spins and a chance to win big, you’ll be in with a chance of winning.

If you haven’t won anything in the main game, you never know – your bonus game could be the one that makes you a big prize winner! 

There’s no telling what bonus you’ll get though, and most of them come down to luck.

However, if you have a preference for click prizes, for example, you should take a look at the website and learn more about what each bonus game entails before you pay to play.

This way, you won’t be wasting your money on a game you don’t like. Some games will also list their odds of winning, so with a little research, you can figure out which games are more likely to pay out, helping you make your bets go further.  

If you do win on a bonus game, most bonus wins can be used as wagers for future games.

Also, winning on a bonus game will not reduce your chances of winning in the main game – it’s absolutely possible to win both, and you won’t lose either win you win on both. 

The Bottom Line 

Bonus slot machines are exciting, fun, and can even boost your chances of winning! Bonus games can vary between slot machines, and not all games are made equal.

Whether you want a click event, an arcade-style game, or a chance to win free slot spins, you can do it all with a bonus slot machine game! 

Remember: bonus games are free, but they can be addicting. Don’t rely on them to win big prizes, and play responsibly.

If you think you have a gambling addiction, consult a professional for advice. 

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