Are Keno Machines Random?


Keno is a game that has captivated millions, both online and in the casino. This game is all about probabilities, strategy, and of course, luck! 

With more and more players, however, some questions have reared their head regarding the game. One of the most popular being this: are keno machines truly random?

Are Keno Machines Random?

Well, the answer is never as straightforward as we hope. In short, the numbers given by the machine are meant to be random. However, when companies use technology, there is usually some kind of algorithm at play, whether you know it or not.

Are Keno Machines Random?

The answer? Yes and no. The numbers from keno machines are supposed to be random (see also “What Is A Progressive Keno Machine?“), but it’s difficult to say that anything is ever truly random.

Electronic keno machines (see also “Can You Win on Keno Machines?“), and the games you play online, are all hooked up to a system to generate the numbers. 

The idea of random numbers might seem simple enough, but is there such a thing in gambling? This isn’t to say that the games are rigged by any means!

No games are rigged, because players need to win to attract more players. However, these numbers are not as random as they might initially appear if you’ve been around the machines for a while. 

It might look random to the untrained eye, but you can actually improve your odds significantly by learning the algorithm and strategizing accordingly. 

If it’s the algorithm you are interested in, stick with us.

Can You Use An Algorithm To Beat The Game? 

Truth is, you can use an algorithm to significantly increase your odds of winning. It isn’t the easiest thing to do unless you can run a program, but it could be well worth the money.

The algorithm can be calculated at home or online – but it takes time. 

To do this, you will need to keep a watchful eye on all the extractions that take place over a few days, make a note of them, and play the game accordingly.

This is easiest in a classic casino, since all you will need to do is observe the surrounding tables. 

If you are playing keno online, you’re going to need to purchase tickets for a couple of rounds at least. You will then have to make observations based on the numbers that you extracted, and bet on a minimum of 10 numbers.

Just remember that the more betting, the better your changes are – but this is something to be cautious of.

Algorithm Generator For Keno

If you weren’t already aware, Keno uses an RNG system to get its numbers. This means that every number that is extracted is generated randomly – in an aleatory order. 

In order to find the algorithm, you will need to run a small computer program. This will likely help improve your chances of winning in keno. It isn’t the be all and end all, though, so you should never 100% put your faith into these things.

Random (TI-85) 2^31 -> D prompt N Disp “Enter seed between 100,000 and 999,999” Input S 10 -> dimL Ran Fill(0,Ran) For(I,1,N) mod(15625*S+22221,D) -> S ipart(10*S/D) -> A Ran(A+1)+1 -> Ran(A+1) END Ran

Algorithms For Electronic Keno

Are Keno Machines Random? (1)

If you’re playing in the casino, you should be aware that these slots also use an identical RNG system in order to get its numbers. This is based on a program, and it works with programmed orders and generates varying numbers. 

The commands will allow the computer to pick any number between 1-80, with random integers from 0-9. 

This program can reveal how the algorithm works: 1000 number run 10,000 number run number occurs percent number occurs percent

  • 0 86 8.6 0 910 9.1
  • 1 100 10 1 1007 10.07
  • 2 89 8.9 2 1007 10.07
  • 3 113 11.3 3 991 9.91
  • 4 99 9.9 4 985 9.85
  • 5 107 10.7 5 1033 10.33
  • 6 109 10.9 6 1018 10.18
  • 7 99 9.9 7 1043 10.43
  • 8 102 10.2 8 960 9.6
  • 9 96 9.6 9 1046 10.46

Standard deviation = 0.84 standard deviation = 0.41

You should be able to make a prognostication based on the numbers that have been generated, and hopefully figure out which numbers are more likely to be used in the next game!

It’s important to note that the algorithm is kept secret for everyone – even the people who work there! 

Algorithms For Online Keno

Algorithms like the above can be useful in helping gamblers find all the right numbers in a keno game. A keno simulator can help to predict the numbers that will be used in the game. 

For this, a player will have two options – the first is related to how many players there are in a game, and the second is related to how many tickets they want to play.

When you hit “calculate”, the software will then work to make predictions. Hopefully, it will then generate some numbers that will get you a win!

Understanding The Draw Patterns

Finally, it’s useful to know that the keno algorithm may create patterns that gamblers can follow. This can be a great advantage for the players who are well-versed in the game, and know how to identify them. 

If a player can understand the way a program is generating the random numbers, they can put their knowledge and experience to good use. This gives them the chance to take advantage of the same itself and get a win much easier. 

Final Thoughts 

So, back to the question – are keno machines random (see also “How Do You Play A Keno Machine?“)? The answer is, for all intents and purposes, yes. However, these random numbers are extracted from a software that generates them.

Software are unlikely to ever truly be random. 

Because of this, there are algorithms that you can use to work out which numbers are likely to get you a win, and which will not. 

So, these random numbers are perhaps not so random if you know where to look and what to do!

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