Best Keno Machine Strategy


If you have never heard of Keno, it is a very popular casino game which is described as being lottery style since it is luck based, and is commonly compared to bingo.

Best Keno Machine Strategy

In the US, most casino players love to play Keno online because of how simple it is to play and getting started does not require much effort, it is very unlikely that many online casinos do not include Keno anymore. 

There are also state lotteries which have websites, these sites will let you play Keno with live draws which is a way of playing a lot of people enjoy.

It is worth keeping in mind when playing Keno and thinking about the strategies you will be using, that Keno is mostly based on luck and chance.

However, that does not by any means mean that you should not try Keno strategies, and these can be beneficial for a lot of Keno players.

Many Keno players have strategies which they swear by, and accredit a lot of their success to using these strategies, and these are the strategies which we will be looking at in this guide.

For example, something we love about playing Keno online specifically is that you have a lot of choice when it comes to the type of games you are playing.

You can choose which Keno games have the best payout, and you can also try different versions and types of this casino game. This lets you look for the game which you think will suit you best and will get you the best results! 

So, if you are looking to start playing Keno and want to know how to have an advantage, or if you have been playing for a while and you want to improve your play, this guide will give you all the information you are looking for.

Before getting into the strategies, we will look into the rules of Keno, this will ensure that we are all on the same page!

A Quick Look At How To Play Keno

As we referenced in the introduction, a big part of the appeal of Keno is how simple the gameplay is and how engaging it is once you get involved.

This is true, and while the odds of winning are not as high as they are on some other casino games, the fact the bar of entry is so low is why this is such a popular game to try.

This is why online casinos love offering Keno because it attracts so many casual players who do not want to have to learn a wide variety of rules.

So, the way the game plays is quite simple, you essentially choose a set number of numbers out of a pool between 1 and 80, and you are hoping that the numbers which you choose will be the winning numbers.

While the pool is not always 80, this is the standard way to play Keno. One of the most popular forms of Keno with a pool of 80 is 20 spot Keno, and here you will be pulling 20, and hoping that your number is one which is pulled. 

Generally speaking, you participate in a Keno game by paying a set entry fee which could be anywhere from $1, but can get much higher, and then the payout which you get if you win will be calculated based on this initial investment and then how many of your 20 numbers were chosen.

You will have the option to play Keno as many times as you want, and you will bet as much as you feel comfortable with. 

This is all the information you need going in, and you will be able to pick up on any intricacies when you start playing.

But generally all you have to do is hope that your numbers get picked, this is why Keno is so commonly compared to Bingo. So, while it is incredibly simple, there are still some strategies which are worth trying.

The Best Strategies To Do Well At Keno!

While there is a little skill which can contribute to winning in Keno, we will be mentioning how much you will also need to be relying on your personal luck as well.

Generally speaking, Keno is essentially a random number generator, and because of this it does not have any patterns to pick up on which you could exploit to win.

So, if you are looking for some unbeatable strategies in a more deep game, then Keno is not the right choice for you to play.

Best Keno Machine Strategy

In spite of this, Keno games do have a specific pacing and style of play, and this can be exploited to get the best results.

This can also help you with minimizing your losses which is something you always want to keep in mind. Some people say that there is no such thing as a strategy for Keno, however, no one disputes that there are tips and pieces of advice which should be kept in mind.

For example, knowing your odds is a good way to mathematically look at how much you should invest and what your chances of winning a certain amount are with your initial investment.

If You Want The Best Odds Possible, Make Sure You Know The Odds

Our top piece of advice which we think everyone should know before playing Keno is that they should know their odds going in.

This is also one of the more intimidating pieces of advice for some people since getting involved with mathematics can be confusing.

However, it is not as difficult as it looks, and knowing this information will get you some of the best results. This is especially true when you are betting money since you want to know how high your chances of winning are, and what the chances of making a loss are. 

For example, when you are playing a game of Keno, the higher the percentage of numbers which you get, the more payout you will get.

Generally speaking, if you manage to hit all 20 numbers, the payout is absolutely massive, but because the odds of this are so low, this is practically impossible.

To get the same 20 numbers, you will need to have the luck of one in 3,535,316,142,212,173,800 which is absolutely insane. However, the chances to win 5 numbers is one in 4 which is much more achievable.

So, knowing the payout for getting these 5 numbers is something which you will want to know when you are going in.

So when looking at a game of Keno to play, keep in mind the odds which you are working with, and how much you will get for getting 5 instead of getting 20. 

Use Your Knowledge Of Keno Odds To Give You Leverage

Of course, if you want to get the best results possible, you want to use the odds which will get you the best returns when you are playing.

It is worth remembering that the odds of getting a 7 match or higher in 20 pick is not that high, and where you are going to get the most luck is with matching 4, 5, or 6 numbers when playing.

Of course there are different benefits when focusing on the numbers, and these are what you should focus on.

For example, if you are worrying about fewer numbers, you are simply going to have to worry about less. This will give you a higher chance of winning when playing Keno.

There will always be some Keno players who are trying to match 10 or 20 which of course requires massive luck, and you will honestly be lucky if that happens once in a lifetime.

So, if you are instead focusing more on the middling numbers when you are playing Keno, you will be playing with better odds, and feel better about the wins you are getting.

You want to go for the Keno games which will give you a great payout for hitting these more middling numbers, and then you will not have to worry too much about the payout for anything above this since this is of course incredibly rare. 

Try To Stick To The Same Numbers And Not Change Them Too Often

Since there are so many options when you are playing Keno, people often get tempted with all the numbers which are available.

Especially if you are focusing on the odds, and you want to spread yourself out as much as possible and perhaps aim for numbers which have not been chosen.

Best Keno Machine Strategy

But you have to remember that there are no patterns when it comes to how the numbers are being drawn when playing Keno. 

When playing Keno, casinos will be using a random number generator, which is sometimes referred to as an RNG, and these machines, as the name suggests, are completely random, so there are of course, no patterns.

These results are completely unrelated from each other, so do not try and pick up on any patterns as this will not get you any results.

This is why a lot of Keno players recommend sticking to the same numbers as you do not get any luck by changing your numbers often.

This is not to say that you have to pick the exact same numbers every time, but it is to say that you should not worry about missing out on any numbers and let this affect how you are playing.

There is no evidence that by changing your numbers regularly that you will be getting any luckier, so this is not something which you should be worrying about!

Hot Or Cold Numbers?

When it comes to luck based games like this, especially when talking about lottery games, there will always be some conversation around lucky numbers.

People think that fate is affecting the games which they are playing, and that by trying to predict this, they are going to get more lucky, however when it comes to a game like Keno, you will need to keep in mind just how random it is.

So, when it comes to Keno, people are more worried about hot and cold numbers. Hot numbers are the numbers which are seemingly coming up all the time, and cold numbers are those which are seemingly not being picked at all.

Some players will say that going with hot numbers will get the best results, however others think that going for cold numbers will be even better for your results. 

However, we think that if you are focusing too much on identifying what the hot and cold numbers are, that you will just be distracting yourself from the rest of the game, and this will just end up with worse results.

When it comes to identifying hot and cold numbers during Keno, this is nearly always going to be the result of coincidence, and is not something which you should be basing all of your decisions on.

There is no way to influence which numbers are going hot or cold, and this is all based on luck, so try to avoid obsessing over them.

The best thing to do to get the best results when playing Keno is to keep your head clear, and remember how much the game is based on luck and chance.

If you start to focus too much on certain numbers being unlucky or lucky, and aspects which are out of your control and unpredictable, your mind will just become foggy and you will likely get much more frustrated,

Stick To A Trusted Keno Casino

When it comes to any online casino games, or those in person too, you want to focus on doing this somewhere which you trust.

You do not want to be playing Keno in an environment where you think the games are stacked against you unfairly.

This will again lead to frustration, so this is why you should stick with casinos, and games of Keno which you can trust.

Best Keno Machine Strategy

There are plenty of online casinos for you to choose from, and lots have been reviewed or authenticated when they are online, so this is something you should focus on to ensure that you get the best results when you are playing Keno.

People who do the best at Keno tend to keep playing in similar places because they trust them, and this will help with you keeping your head clear. So before you start playing Keno anywhere, make sure you have done your research.

Limit Your Losses On Keno

When playing a game like Keno, it is very easy to get obsessed, and then very quickly lose track of how much you have been spending.

This is very easy if you feel like you are winning a good amount, but a lot of games will trick you into focusing on how much you have earned, and overlook how much you have spent.

This tricks you into thinking that you have not lost any money when you in fact have, and will then encourage you to keep spending. 

So, while it may feel negative, you will want to be focusing on your losses, even more than your wins, this will ensure that you are playing responsibly, and not spending any more money than you have already.

When playing games like Keno, which can be so fast paced, many people advise keeping a loss limit, as this will let you know when you have spent as much as you have budgeted for before you start playing.

While casino games can be fun, you do not want to regret having played them once you are finished.

How To Get A Keno Jackpot?

As we mentioned before, the numbers you will usually get matches on, will be about 4 to 6 numbers, and as soon as you get to 7 or more, the chances become a lot more rare.

Some Keno games have a progressive jackpot so the chances of getting a jackpot are much more likely than the insane chance of getting all 20 numbers.

However, make sure you are not focusing on the progressive jackpot too much as this is not something which you are guaranteed, and it is there to keep you playing as long as possible.

Do not worry about the jackpot too much, as the chances of getting it are not worth taking into consideration.

Keno For Free?

There are lots of free versions of Keno available, and while these of course do not offer real prizes, they are a great way to test out different strategies and just get a feel for the game.

We recommend you try a free version of Keno at least a few times before you start playing Keno. This means that you will feel more in control when you start playing and you will not act in a way which gets bad results.


Hopefully this guide has given you the advice you need to get the best results and be informed on how Keno works and how to play it!

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