How Does Keno Work?


If you have heard of Keno when you are playing, but you do not actually know what it is, Keno is a casino game similar to the lottery.

How Does Keno Work?

This means that it is a game of chance, so while there is of course some strategy to how you play it, generally speaking, your chances of winning depend on luck.

We think Keno is highly underrated, and there are quite a few people who avoid playing it because they do not know how. Because of this we have put this article together on how Keno works!

So, if you are planning to play Keno, but you want to know all the details, these will be in this article.

To give you a quick overview, you will have to choose between 1 and 10 numbers from a table with numbers between 1 and 80.

Similarly to Bingo, numbers will then be drawn and you will get more of a payout depending on how many numbers of yours are chosen.

Once you understand how Keno works, you will be happy with how simple and easy the game is to grasp, and this is why it has grown in popularity.

But, if you want even more depth on how Keno works, and how to play the game well then you should keep on reading!

What Are The Rules For Keno?

If you are playing a traditional physical game of Keno, you will have balls that have been imprinted with the different numbers of play, and then these will be put into a container that will be spun.

Then 20 of these balls will be drawn and reveal if any of the numbers you selected have been shown. In spite of this, there are often some more unique features and draw procedures that make different online versions of Keno vary.

With an online version of Keno, the players will choose numbers on the screen and then the online software will choose 20 random numbers to be the winning numbers.

The payout you get from your numbers being called will depend on how many people have matched the numbers which were called by the casino.

But, the more numbers that you match, the more your payout will be. You will see lots of variety in how Keno works on different platforms, especially online Keno, so try different ones to see which one you like the best.

Keno is completely based on luck, so keep this in mind, and if you think that you are doing badly at a specific version of Keno, try to see if it is because you do not like this version of Keno, or just because you have been unlucky.

How To Start A Game Of Keno?

When you are starting a game of Keno, you will be shown a card, and this will show you a table displaying all available numbers between 1 and 80. You will first place your bet by choosing numbers that you want to come up with when the drawn numbers are selected.

Commonly, Keno players will choose between 1 to 10 numbers to mark down, however there are some casinos and versions of Keno that will let you pull up to 15 or even 20 numbers.

It is also worth noting that different versions of Keno will have different methods of betting, as well as different structures when it comes to getting a payout.

How Does Keno Work?

So, before you start betting, you will want to work out what the rules are for each game, and what the odds are. This will ensure any potential losses are kept to a minimum.

If you like your casino games to be visually appealing, you can find plenty of Keno games with interesting graphics as well as fun animations.

For some players, they enjoy this, while others can find it distracting or annoying, so make sure to find something which suits how you play!

While these different animations can change how the game looks, the basic rules will remain the same, so keep this in mind and try not to get too distracted by any gimmicks. 

If you are a fan of random games of chance, for example, roulette, slots, or Bingo (which is definitely the most similar) there is a good chance that you will love Keno, so keep this in mind when playing and choosing whether Keno will be the kind of game you enjoy or not.

Best Strategies For Keno?

When talking about the different strategies you can try in Keno, something that you will need to keep in mind is that the numbers which are chosen will be completely random.

Because of this, while Keno strategies can help some players, they will not do much to affect your chances of winning, as this is completely up to luck and is random. 

However, there are plenty of choices when it comes to playing Keno, and you will want to play the way that makes you feel the most comfortable. For example, varied bets and the amount of numbers chosen.

While you may think choosing 20 out of 80 Keno balls gives you a lot of coverage, mathematically speaking, there are 3,535,316,142,212,174,320 different possible combinations when it comes to how the numbers are selected, so getting all 20 correct is practically impossible, but the closer you get to this, the better your chances of winning big are.

So, while the specific chance of hitting the numbers is quite low, the sequence does not matter.

A strategy a lot of Keno players like is calling numbers which have not been drawn, these are often referred to as cold numbers. However, some players prefer to stay with numbers which have been called quite regularly, which are called hot numbers!

Final Thoughts

There you have it — Keno may be a little daunting to outsiders, but it’s a very easy game to pick up and it can be tons of fun. Give it a try either online or in a casino to get a feel for it in action, and you never know, it may just become your favorite luck-based game!

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