2 Best Casinos In Tucson To Visit If You’re Feeling Lucky


Many people see Tucson as the city of food culture. The city and county is often added to peoples Bucket Lists for that exact reason. However, this desert landscape has more cultural diversity than food alone.

A hidden gem in Tucson are the magical casinos. Today we will point out the two best gambling areas for you to explore, along with the other activities they provide.

2 Best Casinos In Tucson To Visit If You're Feeling Lucky

Is Tucson A Good Place For A Casino Vacation?

Tucson is a great place for a casino vacation, as long as you know where to go!

Arizona has a lot of casinos that you can visit, and the second-best in the whole state happens to reside in Tucson. That casino is Casino del Sol.

However, if the price tag for Casino del Sol is too high, we have a second suggestion to offer. Both are great in their own right, but the additional perks they offer might sway you one way or the other. 

Ideally, if you are taking a Casino vacation, you want to stay in either Casino Del Sol or Desert Diamond Casino. 

The Best Casinos In Tucson

Casino Del Sol

The Casino Del Sol is the second-best casino in all of Arizona and the best in Tucson. It gets this title due to the size, extra activities, glamorous designs, and unending layers of fun.

Casino Del Sol also has a second name, “Casino of the Sun”.

Games On Offer

There are 4 types of casino games you can choose from. These are slots, poker, bingo, and table games.

Table games are arguably the most interesting and include roulette, craps, and baccarat. 

Other Activities

Although you will mostly be spending your time in the casino hall, Casino Del Sol also offers golf, live performances, cinema viewing, a spa, a swimming pool, and an arcade. 

Night Life

The Casino Del Sol has a bar called the Tropico Lounge which is open from 10 am to 2 am every day. At the bar, you can expect tropical drinks, create your own cocktails, and if you’re lucky there might be a show on.


In the Casino Del Sol, there are 13 different options for fine dining. These include a steakhouse, Italian restaurant, buffet, Asian restaurant, cafe, dessert house, and more. Of course, you can also experience in-room dining.

Activities In The Nearby Area

Within 10 kilometers of Casino Del Sol is a stand-out AVA Amphitheater, but watch out as these shows sell out quickly. You can also experience historical bike tours, rock climbing activities, and tombstone tours.

Pros And Cons


  • Fantastic variety of gambling games,
  • Lots of activities outside of gambling to participate in,
  • Delicious food
  • Affordable Rooms


  • Spaces can run out fast.

Desert Diamond Casino

The Desert Diamond Casino has the energy of Las Vegas while being affordable (see also “Can You Smoke In Vegas Casinos?“).

Games On Offer

There are three types of games you can play in this casino – they are slots, table games, and bingo. 

The table games include roulette, craps, and a mini version of baccarat. There are also blackjack and poker rooms, but you need to book these spaces, as many customers claim the booths months in advance.

Bingo is available every day with an entry fee as low as $2. There are no waiting times, and the games run til late, making it a great experience for the “in-between” moments of your vacation.

Other Activities

If you’re staying at the hotel, you will have access to a fitness center and pool, but you can enter the gift shop regardless of how long you stay.

Sometimes the Desert Diamond Casino hosts events in their 20,000 sq ft meeting room, so make sure you check if anything is scheduled around the time of your visit.

Night Life

This casino is more classy than clubby, so don’t expect to see a lively bar around midnight. Instead, you can head to the sophisticated Dimond Cafe which is open until 9 pm, or the 5* buffet in Ko:Sin Ki which is open until 8 pm.

That being said, there are lounges on the gaming floor. Designed with a fun rest in mind, you can drink your favorite cocktails, while on a break from the slots.


We have mentioned most of the restaurants in Desert Diamond Casinos already, but the full list includes Dimond Cafe, Ko:Sin Ki: Buffet, and Diamond Grill Classico Pizza & Coffee Bar.

The last restaurant is a mouthful to say, but it is open as late as midnight. In this restaurant, you can find classic meals such as burgers, ribs, pizza, and salads.

In each restaurant, you shouldn’t expect a large variety.

Activities In The Nearby Area

There are a lot of attractions near the Desert Diamond Casino, so no matter your taste you should find something that sparks your interest.

The closest attraction is San Xavier del Bac Mission (4 miles). It is a sacred church for people of the Christian religion. On the holy grounds, you can hear stories of saints and their connection to God.

If you’d prefer a sporting activity, head to the Kino Sports Complex (6 miles), home to the Chicago White Sox.

Or perhaps you’d like to visit Old Tucson (16 miles), a movie studio that has created amazing productions such as Little House on the Prairie, Tombstone, and El Dorado.

Pros And Cons


  • Lots of table games to play
  • Close to multiple interesting attractions
  • Cheap bets


  • Not a lot of other activities on sight

Honorable Mention – Rillito Park Horse Racetrack

If you’re interested in casinos, then you are probably interested in all types of gambling fun (see also “Which Types Of Gambling Are The Most Addictive?“). Although the Rillito Park Horse Racetrack isn’t a casino, we couldn’t mention the best places to gamble in Tucson and miss this beauty.

Types Of Races

The race track at Rillito Park is small. This means no matter which seat you take, you will witness all of the action!

The track is dirt and designed for thoroughbreds and quarter horses. They happen every weekend, unless the web states otherwise, and anyone can apply to race as long as they commit to the terms and conditions.

Other Activities

The race course doesn’t offer any other activities, however, there is a sports field along the same street. The field is open to anyone, and you can spend time playing ball as a warm-up before a big race. 

Night Life

There is no nightlife at the track, as it only opens between 11 am and 3 pm.

However, the best nightclubs in the area are The Nugget, The Edge A Tucson Bar, and the Short Rest Tavern.

The Nugget is a premium-quality lounge bar with delicious food, quirky designs, and a fun party atmosphere.

Something is going on every night, including DJ Thursday, Karaoke Sunday, and special guests booked in every other evening.

The Edge A bar is simple and classic, but with a fun-loving atmosphere and dedicated staff. If you want a quieter evening, head here.

Lastly, the Short Rest Tavern is a relaxed bar for board game enthusiasts. They have over 600 games for you to choose from, along with local craft ales and Dungeon and Dragons-inspired meals.


There are tons of restaurants in the area, while the bar at Rillito Park Horse Racetrack is minimal.

We suggested heating to the health restaurant Pita Jungle, Thai restaurant Dao’s Tai Pan’s, or the award-winning Mexican restaurant Seis Kitchen.

Activities In The Nearby Area

The best attractions in Tucson are the Arizona Desert Museum, the Sabino Canyon, and the Gaslight Theatre.

The Desert Museum is unlike any other museum experience. Instead of walking around an old building looking at paintings, you can explore the botanical gardens in an outdoor learning experience.

This museum teaches about the wildlife of the area, their unique environments, and how they have shaped the land.

The Sabino Canyon is a breathtaking beauty, so make sure to leave room for a 3-hour hike through the well-kept wilderness.

Finally, the Gaslight Theatre is a comedy house of musical theater actors. Book your tickets for a belly laugh you won’t forget.

Pros And Cons


  • Great Views
  • Cheap Seats
  • Bubbly Atmosphere


  • No Other Activities But Horse Racing


The best casinos in Tucson are the Casinos del Sol and the Desert Diamond Casino.

Because of the additional activities you can do on the site, along with a large number of restaurants and top-quality hotel service, Casino del Sol stands head and shoulders above its competitors.

However, Desert Diamond shouldn’t be ignored as the reception staff will do more than direct you to the slots, they will also point out the best local attractions for a full vacation experience.

Whichever casino you play to stay in, make sure to explore the versatile and quirky attractions in Tucson. Spend your winnings on adventuring through the unusual sites of the city.

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