Best Payout Video Poker Machines


When you want to start making some extra cash but don’t have the know-how for in-person casino poker, video poker machines are the next best thing.

Quickly rising to popularity among online casinos, video poker still requires a lot of skill and strategy while being significantly simpler than traditional poker. 

Best Payout Video Poker Machines

Whether you want to build your strategy planning or just prefer playing from the comfort of your own home, online video poker machines have plenty of advantages to offer. 

Below are 5 of the best payout video poker machines. While not guaranteed, it is more likely for you to get a payout with these games.

We have also put together an easy guide allowing you to determine which machine offers the best odds. 

Let’s get into it!

What Are Video Poker Machines?

Visitors to casinos have a great chance to play a game that is both entertaining and profitable thanks to video poker machines (see also “How Do You Play A Video Poker Game?“).

These machines may be found in almost every notable casino across the world, and people who desire a combination of slot machine and table game qualities frequently choose them (see also “Slots Vs Tables: Which One Should You Choose?“). 

Even though online video poker is growing in popularity every day, the casino’s video poker floor is typically one of the busiest areas.

Because video poker is based on the classic game of five-card draw poker, it adheres closely to its goals and regulations.

Video poker is not played against a dealer or other players like the traditional casino game is. In reality, the game has some similarities to video slots.

There is one significant distinction between the two. In contrast to when one spins the reels, in video poker players’ choices can affect the game’s outcome.

The goal is to assemble a hand with as many cards of the same rank or suit as you can. Players may opt to keep any combination of the five cards or discard them altogether.

The player is dealt more cards to replace the discarded ones whenever some (or all) of the cards have been discarded.

In the end, rewards are calculated based on the value of the player’s hand. Naturally, stronger hands will pay out more.

The fun thing about video poker machines today is that it’s simple to choose one that suits your preferred gaming style.

If you tend to be more cautious, sticking to Jacks or Better games will be the best course of action for you. 

However, those of you who are more daring can go for the bonus pay tables, wild card games, or variations on video poker that are frequently seen in casinos.

Best Payout Video Poker Machines 

Double Bonus Poker 

When it comes to playing Double Bonus Poker, players are encouraged to look for the version which provides 10/7 odds. This version will give an estimated 100.17% return when playing Full House and Flush Hands. 

To make a profit, players must gather at least a pair of Jacks, but in this scenario, wins won’t be particularly noteworthy.

In spite of the absence of “Wild” cards, players that compile specific winning hands will receive more lucrative payouts. The cards are shuffled after each hand to ensure fair gaming. 

Another choice is Auto-Play, however in order to use it, players must switch to Expert Mode. They will be able to use this to make the same wager automatically as often as they choose.

The Auto-Rebate, Play Hints, and Game Analyzer functions are some more helpful game elements.

Another option is ‘Doubling’. This is when a player achieves a winning hand, they are presented with the ability to double their winnings. 

Only one of the five cards dealt is shown. One of the remaining four face-down cards must be selected by the player, and if it has a higher rank than the other face-up card, the player wins twice as much.

One of the most appealing payouts that Double Bonus Poker has to offer is the Four of a Kind combinations. However, a maximum of 4000 coins can be won with 5 coins and a Royal Flush. 

Full-Pay Deuces Wild 

Full-Pay Deuces Wild is one of the most played types of video poker, and it draws players in thanks to its remarkable return rates of 100.76%, which basically proves the house has no advantage in this game.

This variant of video poker has four Deuces that act as “Wild” cards, as the game’s name would imply. The latter are particularly valuable to players since they help them finish their winning hands.

A player’s chances of putting together a winning combination are increased when they can utilize the deuce to substitute one of their other cards.

52 cards make up the standard deck used in Deuces Wild. For Four of a Kind combos, the game pays out 5 to 1, while the payout for Five of a Kind is 15 coins for each winning 1-coin wager.

Unquestionably, those who wager all five coins and secure a Royal Flush will receive the largest payment, receiving a reward of 4,000 coins. For 1-coin bets, Full House and Flush hands payout 9/6, and for 5-coin bets, 45/30.

Best Payout Video Poker Machines

Full-Pay Jacks Or Better 

Whether you have been playing video poker for a while or are newbie still finding their feet, Full-Pay Jacks or Better is an absolute must.

With lots of other video poker games based on Full-Pay Jacks or Better, this is the best place to start. 

The 9/6 version offers payouts of 50 to 1 for a Straight Flush and 800 to 1 for a Royal Flush. If you wager five coins, a Royal Flush will get you a 4000 coin jackpot.

These are the top awards, but in order to receive even odds, players must obtain at least a pair of Jacks (or better).

Acting almost as a combination of both variations above, Full-Pay Jacks or Better is one of the simplest video poker machines to play.

There are no “Wild” cards in the game, which makes use of a conventional deck. Most Jacks or Better variations provide the “Double” function, which lets players double their winnings if they get a winning hand.

Jacks or Better offers something special to its playing. A ‘Double Half’ allows you to double half of your winnings while the rest remains in your account.

Decide between auto-play or manual-play as you become more experienced. 

With a 99.54% return rate, Jacks or Better may not seem like the most lucrative option but when you are looking to learn the basics of video poker, it is the dream machine. 

Joker Poker (Kings Or Better)

Joker Poker, or more commonly known as Joker Wild, has a sneaky joker wild card to the deck. Making it an exciting 53 card deck. 

Due to the wild joker, it has qualifying hands that are similar to Deuces Wild.

However, the fact that it only has one wildcard instead of four wild deuces is another way it varies. As a result, Joker Poker makes it simpler to achieve the necessary hand.

All you need is a pair of Kings or higher in order to achieve a payout. With a 100.64% return rate, Joker Poker has one of the highest return rates on this list.

The highest reward is 4000 coins with 5 coins and a natural royal flush without a joker. 

This variant yields an average return of 99.29% under expert play.

There are more lucrative variations that pay out more than 100%; one increases the return for five of a kind to 3,000 coins and another increases the reward for four of a kind to 100 coins.

But both physical and online casinos no longer have many one-percenters. Even this 99.29 percent is uncommon, but some casinos provide it, and others reduce payouts on all hands other than the bottom four.

Aces & Faces

All Aces, a Microgaming creation, is comparable to Double Bonus. But the biggest distinction is that the incentives are paid for more. For four aces, expect to receive 400 coins.

The payouts for the flush and full house are represented by the 8/5.

These are the 2 hands where the payouts alter when the video poker producers desire to change the payback percentage for this game, exactly like they did with Jacks or Better.

When playing on a 8/5 Aces and Faces table, you can expect a 99. 26% payback. Given you are making all of the correct decisions to win the best possible hand.

However, playing a table with odds as low as 6/5 will still provide you with a 97% making an excellent game to play no matter your experience. 

It is also simple to determine the house advantage for the game. Just deduct the repayment percentage from 100 percent.

The house edge is less than 1% in the game’s full pay version (8/5). Its low percentage of 0.74% puts it on par with or even better than many blackjack variations.

Best Payout Video Poker Machines

How To Find The Highest Payout Video Poker Games 

Knowing which video poker games to play is only part of the struggle. You must be able to discover these machines and know which ones offer the best odds in order to get the best return. 

Below are some tips to help you find the highest paying video poker games:

Learn The Difference Between Slots & Video Poker

While they are often confused, slots and video poker machines are completely different. This is one of the first steps to identifying the highest paying video poker machines (see also “What Is A Multihand Video Poker Machine?“). 

Slot machines are a game of chance, but video poker is a game of skill. That is a key distinction between the two.

A player’s ability to make decisions based on the cards they have been dealt is crucial in video poker since it can increase or decrease their odds of winning.

While physical slot machines are genetically the same game, online slot machines vary drastically. Whereas all video poker variations are completely different and have their own set of rules that set them apart from the crowd. 

Know How To Read Pay Tables 

Pay tables are the charts which show you the different hands available and how much they payout. 

Different iterations of each variation are better or worse than others based on the variances in these pay tables. The payback percentage of 9/6 Jacks or Better is higher than 9/5 Jacks or Better, for instance.

Similar to slot machines, the payouts for video poker games depend on the combinations you achieve while playing.

The main distinction between the two is that a video poker game allows players to calculate their chances of acquiring any given symbol because all of the probability correspond to those of a 52-card deck. 

In some situations, such as Joker Poker, a 53-card deck is used; the joker is the extra card and a wild card.

Each version of video poker, whether a physical machine or online, has its own pay table. Learning the discrepancies on the pay table will allow you to determine which game is offering the best odds. 

This is just as, if not more, important than the payback percentage. You want to ensure that the odds are in your favor no matter what game you’re playing. 

Learn Proper Strategy 

When starting any game you may begin by selecting randomly and hoping for the best. However, this is one of the quickest ways to simply throw your money away.

Similar to traditional poker, there are countless strategies to winning the best payout. 

Eah variation of video poker has its own strategy. Joker Poker approach won’t work against Double Bonus, and vice versa.

Having said that, you should pick one or two games and thoroughly master them. If you plan to play video poker in Las Vegas and are determined to play Deuces Wild, you need to become familiar with the full-pay approach.

Once you have mastered one or two games you can begin to think about branching out and trying some others. 

If you are completely new to the world of video poker you may even consider a customer video poker trainer. While this will come at a price it can allow you to create your own pay tables, then test them.

If you wish to master a game that is not covered by strategy guides or free trainers, this feature can be useful.

Physical Vs Online Video Poker 

If you are a long time player of video poker in its traditional form, i.e you prefer to spend your time in a casino then you may not be comfortable with the idea of online poker. But could you be missing out on big odds?

Casino video poker machines have an inherent advantage to ensure the house makes money no matter what (see also “Can You Win On Video Poker Machines?“). On the other hand, playing poker online gives players the chance to consistently outperform their rivals.

Although many contend that there are long-term winning tactics for video poker machines, this is indisputable in online poker.

You will have an advantage and make money if you play against opponents who are on average poorer than you.

When it comes to skill both traditional poker and video poker are extremely different. There is no chance that you will have any type of a skill advantage when you first sit down to play with human opponents.

Simply put, it takes time. However, anyone can pull together a string of profitable sessions practically right away on a video poker machine. There is no equivalent.

While both variations of the same game have their own advantages and disadvantages, it can be said that video poker is a simpler version.

Taking less time to learn, newbies and experts alike can enjoy pushing their skills to the limit. Whether against a machine or a comrade. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

What Is The Best Strategy To Win At Video Poker Machines?     

Stay as frugal as you can. Play the biggest stake whenever possible to be eligible for progressive jackpots. Keep to “Jack or Better” and stay away from wild-card games because they have lower payouts for large hands.

To boost your total profitability and lower the house edge, look for video poker machines featuring progressive rewards (see also “What Is A Progressive Video Poker Machine?“).

Can You Consistently Win At Video Poker?

You may easily defeat video poker machines if you have the correct information, abilities, strategy, and luck component.

Video poker machines can be easily defeated because you are playing against the machine and not against other players.

Final Thoughts 

While you may not find rates as high as they were in the 90’s, the video poker machines listed above are some of the highest payout machines available today. 

Whether you play online or prefer the hustle of a casino, you will know the machine will offer you the best payout percentage. 

From Joker Poker to Deuces Wild you will be able to determine which game can offer the best return to player percentage and which games are worth your time. 

Make the best out of your game time and follow our guide to the best payout video poker machines!

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