How To Win On Slot Machines


Is it any wonder that some of the most popular gaming machines in establishments are made up of slot machines. These devices have been widely used for decades, and still abound today. 

Unlike many other types of gambling, which require a particular skill and expertise, slot machines are far more relaxed, and are therefore more enjoyable.

Slot machines are constantly evolving, and we keep seeing new themes and varieties available to play on. 

How To Win On Slot Machines

But, are there some hidden secrets to doing well at this game? Or is it just left completely to fate? Below, we take a closer look at these questions, as well as providing you with some helpful hints and tips. 

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How Do Slot Machines Work? 

Now, before we jump straight into our discussion, first of all let’s cover how slot machines work. There are two different varieties of slot machines in circulation, one which is considered to be more modern, and the other more old fashioned. 

Previously, all slot machines were operated by a handle, which is why you might still find a few of these in your local gambing establishment.

They would have a mechanism that would be generated by the pull of a handle, which would subsequently give you the various numbers and images on the screen. 

Nowadays, however, most slot machines are actually computerized, which means that they don’t rely on a mechanism to give you your result. Instead, all you need to do is press a button. 

With slot machines, all you’re required to do is spin the reels, and watch to see if the images match up. If they do, this means that you’re successful, and you’ll win a sum of money. 

How To Win At Slot Machines 

Despite the fact that, as we mentioned above, your chances of winning on the slot machines is completely dictated by fate, there are some key rules you should follow.

By following these tips below, you can maximize your earnings, and avoid major losses on the way. 

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1. Practice Your Game 

It’s true that with any form of gambling, you should always practice beforehand. You don’t want to start betting really money without having any conception of how the game works.

This could impede your enjoyment, not to mention familiarize yourself with it. 

There are many free slot games that you can play online to get to grips with the game. These don’t cost any money, and they’re a fun way to get to grips with slot machines before you start playing for real (see also “Can You Play Slot Machines For Fun?“). 

2. Pay Attention To The Pay Table 

Before you start any slot machine game, you should always seek to familiarize yourself with the pay table. For those of you who don’t know, the pay table is what tells you what each of the different images signifies. 

Each of the different numbers and symbols on the pay table will have a different amount attached to it, which means that you’ll get a different sum of money when they align.

It’s best to familiarize yourself with these, because then you can keep track of your earnings, without pressing blindly. 

3. Choose Your Slot Machine Carefully 

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There are so many different kinds of slot machines out there nowadays, that it can be tempting to choose one based on theme or soundtrack alone.

Many of the more flashy slot machines will appear more appealing than others, and this is designed to draw players in (see also “What Is The History Of Slot Machines?“). 

There is one important thing that you should always keep in mind when choosing your slot machine however, and this is the RTP. 

For those of you who don’t know what RTP means, it essentially means return to the player. Essentially, the higher the RTP, the more money you have a chance of winning.

Make sure that you keep this in consideration first and foremost when choosing your slot machine (see also “Best Themed Slot Machines“). 

4. Set A Budget 

This tip applies to all forms of gambling, and is something that every player should seek to do. Many problem gamblers don’t know how to set a limit, and will get carried away with gameplay, spending all their money in the process. 

Some people, despite setting a budget, will continue playing after they’ve lost, in the hopes of earning all their money back. Remember that this is a completely randomized game, and there are no guarantees. 

It is therefore incredibly important to always set yourself a limit, and stick to it before playing. This means that you won’t lose out on too much money in the process. 

5. Choose Slots With Good Odds

Although there’s no guarantee that you’ll win at the slots, it’s good to choose ones with low volatility so that you don’t lose out on as much money. 

Low volatility essentially means that you win less money, but the payout on the slot happens at a more frequent pace (see also “Best Payout Slots“). On the other hand high volatility shots mean that you win more, but the chances of winning are far more slim. 

We’d always recommend choosing the ones with low volatility, so that you can maximize your chances of winning. This doesn’t, however, mean that you can’t win big with low volatility machines, the chances are just a little less frequent. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, there is no one sure fire way of winning big on slot machines (see also “How Much Do Slot Machines Cost?“).

There are a few things you can do to maximize your chances however, such as choosing low volatility slots, ones that have a high RTP rate, and setting yourself a strict budget. 

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